Are bags free on international flights?

Hold baggage

AIR FRANCE Short-haul flights: 25 euros per bag one way, long-haul: 1 bag of 23 kg free of charge Short-haul flights: 40 euros per bag one way, long-haul: 1 bag of 23 kg free of charge

KLM Short-haul flights: 25 per bag one way, long-haul: 1 free 23 kg bag free Short-haul flights: 40 per bag one way, long-haul: 1 free 23 kg bag 23 kg bag free

*The data collected is subject to change at any time. The information compiled in the table corresponds to the basic fares of the main airlines. Conditions may be different in other classes.

*Date of publication: [July 2018]. All prices are lowest price estimates only and are subject to change. Costs may change if you book with an online travel agency or directly with the airline. Always refer to the applicable terms and conditions for all up-to-date information.

How many suitcases can be carried on an international flight?

In Economy class, each passenger is entitled to one bag in the hold, weighing 23 kilos, and one carry-on bag, weighing 18 kilos. In business class, the limit is two pieces, of 32 kilos each, and one carry-on, of 18 kilos. On flights within Colombia, one piece of baggage of 20 kilos per hold is allowed.

How much should a suitcase weigh to travel to another country?

Cabin baggage allowance

These are the size and weight specifications that your carry-on baggage must meet. Maximum weight: 10 kilos. Maximum dimensions: 55 cm x 35 cm x 25 cm (height, length and width), including wheels and handles. Location: you can carry it in the overhead compartments of the aircraft.

How big is the 23 kg suitcase?

A 23 kg suitcase is equivalent to a large suitcase. The measurements range from 70 cm to 80 cm in height. A large suitcase is perfect for 15-day trips for one person or 7-day stays for two people.

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Please note: accommodation in the passenger cabin is subject to availability of space in the overhead compartments, and may be checked in at the boarding gate even if it is within the standard allowance.

To avoid mishaps when traveling, it is essential to know in advance what you are and are not allowed to carry in your carry-on baggage. It is also important to know which items require prior authorization from GOL.

Please note: lithium-ion batteries between 100 and 160 Wh, or lithium metal batteries between 2 and 8 g (for use in portable medical electronic devices only), may only be transported with GOL authorization and only in carry-on baggage. Above these rates, carriage is totally prohibited in any situation.

Electronic cigarettes with batteries and personal vaporizers may be carried in carry-on baggage. The items must be individually protected to prevent accidental activation and may not be recharged on board the aircraft.

What are the dimensions of a 23 kg suitcase?

Checked baggage: depending on the fare, you can check at least one 23 kg suitcase free of charge. The size of this bag may not exceed 90 x 75 x 43 cm.

How much does carry-on baggage have to weigh?

And is that airlines put limitations on luggage regardless of whether it will be checked or not. So if you have decided to take your luggage with you on the plane, keep in mind that the weight of the hand luggage should be between 7 and 10 kg.

How many kilos should carry-on baggage weigh?

Location of carry-on baggage on board

If there is not enough space on board, it will be removed to be loaded in the hold of the aircraft. Maximum weight in Economy 10 Kilos and in Business 14 kilos. Handle, pockets and wheels included. You will have to check the baggage if it exceeds these dimensions.


Nothing can spoil the start of your trip as much as a sudden excess baggage charge. Don’t miss our guide to the fares of the main Latin American airlines. (Europe airlines bonus)

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There are several ways to avoid extra baggage fees (and no, you don’t have to wear all your clothes at the airport to reduce the space in your suitcase). Here are our 4 infallible tips to escape excess baggage.

From 15 to 32 kilos is about the average checked baggage allowance for most airlines in America and Europe. If you plan to carry a lot of things, the best thing to do is to pay for the extra baggage online. Doing it this way, on the airline’s or travel agency’s website and at least 3 days in advance, is cheaper because it reduces operating costs on the ground.

Airlines such as Aeromexico, Avianca and Latam charge on average between USD $50-100 for carrying an additional bag in addition to the checked baggage allowance, and low cost airlines such as Spirit, VivaColombia and VivaAerobus between USD $5-30 per additional kilogram; these prices are generally reduced if you do it in advance from the airline’s website. We recommend that you do so as soon as possible, as extra baggage spaces are limited.

What can you take with Ryanair?

Each passenger is entitled to carry one bag, suitcase or backpack as cabin baggage free of charge, provided that it fits under the seat in front of him/her and its dimensions do not exceed 40 cm x 20 cm x 25 cm.

How much does Volaris charge for a 25 kg bag?

This way your flight with a 25 kilos suitcase costs only $417 pesos and not the $1,300 of the PLUS.

How much is 23 kilos of clothing?

A basic pack weighs a total of 9.5 kg.

Seven T-shirts or tops, one sweatshirt, two jeans, one thick sweater, two thin jackets, eight items of underwear, one pair of pajamas, six pairs of socks and one pair of shoes.


Currently, the most common measurements are 55 x 40 x 20 centimeters (Vueling, for example), while the 10 kilos maximum weight is also the most common limit. However, there are airlines such as Ryanair or Wizz Air that charge for this type of baggage.

Checked baggage: As for checked baggage, the low cost airline only allows to hire one bag of each type per passenger with a price of between 8 € the 15kg to 25 € the 30kg.  If the contracted weight limit is exceeded, each additional kg is charged at the airport. Vueling charges 12.00 per kg at the airport, up to a maximum of 32 kg per suitcase per trip. And in case you have not contracted the service and wish to do it at the airport, at the Vueling check-in counters it is only possible to check in 25 kg suitcases for 50 €.

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Checked baggage: Taking into account handle, pockets and wheels, the maximum size of the suitcase can be 158cm and the maximum weight of each piece is 23 kg. For each extra kilo, a fixed overweight fee may be charged up to a maximum of 32 kg. In this case, if they exceed 32 kg, they cannot be transported. Iberia charges for hand luggage depending on the origin, destination and date of travel, so the prices will be variable but on their website they explain that a discount will be applied if contracted before going to the airport as this option is not available in all of them.