Can I cancel my 30 hours free childcare?

Can I cancel my 30 hours free childcare?

Kindergarten in Germany

The process is not at all complicated but it is necessary to know all the elements that compose it to identify whether or not you are eligible for it, since there are a number of “conditions” to qualify for it, and that are related to the employment status of the parents and their annual income level. Above all and mainly, I consider it pertinent to share an article that I read in recent days and that is aimed at parents who work as freelancers or self-employed and who may have doubts about their eligibility to enjoy this new benefit.

From my own experience, these hours as well as the universal scheme of 15 hours are not always completely free, at least in the case of nurseries or daycare centers, where what they do is a pro-rata of the fee they charge x day with which you end up paying approximately 50% of the total amount. If you definitely do not want or cannot pay a minimum percentage, the nurseries will offer you an approximate range of 3 hours x day x 5 days (this in the case of the 15 free hours) in the space they consider prudent. For example, in the case of our nursery, the schedule they offer to enjoy the 15 hours totally free is from 3pm to 6pm, which is not at all convenient for parents who work from or outside the home.

University pre-enrollment catalonia 2021

In some Autonomous Communities (as I indicate in the post “how to pay less on the income tax return”, there is already a deduction for childcare expenses in income, but the Treasury has taken out a state-level aid, effective from the 2018 income, of 1,000€ so that all communities can have this type of subsidy. Do you want to know if it belongs to you to collect it? Then read on

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The school center must transmit the information of each minor, regardless of whether they know the situation or not of the mother, since that will already be checked in the individual income of each taxpayer.

Yes, the payments made by both parents are taken into account, regardless of which of the two has made them, it will be the mother who will have the right to collect the aid in her income, even if the payments have been made from an account in the name of the other parent.


Pre-registration for the 2021-2022 academic year will be done telematically through the pre-registration link on the Barcelona City Council website and only in exceptional situations it can be done in person at the center requested in the first option by appointment.

In the case of the city of Barcelona there is also an aspect to be assessed: when the address is located in the same municipal district as the center chosen in the first place, but outside the educational area of the center, 15 points are added.

Generally, only one proximity criterion can be invoked: either you live in the area of influence of the educational center, or you work in the area of influence of the educational center, or you live in the same municipality where the educational center is located.

Remember that the supporting documentation for both the general and complementary priority criteria must be attached to the pre-enrollment application within the established period.

If you decide to send your children to a private day care center, you will have to consult the center itself for all the information provided on this page: availability, criteria, schedules, prices, pre-enrollment and enrollment dates and necessary documentation.

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Pre-registration for university 2021

Mini C is already eleven months old and little by little the time to take him to kindergarten is getting closer. Although throughout the fifty posts that we have already published (yes, yes, fifty already!) I have been giving you some hints about the functioning of daycare centers in Germany. Today I’m going a bit more in depth (as much as my knowledge as a new mother will allow me). If there are any experts among the readers, I would be delighted to read their contributions.)

Many of the daycare centers we have visited close at four and open at eight. That means that you have to pick up your child at 3:30 at the latest. This complicates matters a bit when both parents work full time. There are also day-care centers with extended hours, it is a matter of looking around and seeing if you like the other things or just the schedule. If you are interested in the opening hours in Germany, you can’t miss this post.

They usually have their own kitchen where food is prepared daily. There are also caterings specialized in food for children’s schools that deliver the food where they do not have a kitchen. Many of them cook partly or completely organic products.

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