Can I pay for parking at the As game?

Can I pay for parking at the As game?

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The extra zones are part of the operational zone. When you end the rental in extra zones (marked as “Zone A” or “Zone B” on the operational zone map) an extra zone surcharge applies. In some cases, you will also be charged a surcharge when you start the rental from an extra zone.

It depends. You can park the car at the charging stations while it is actively charging, but you may not always be able to finish your trip there. We always try to reach the best deals in each city. This means that parking regulations always depend on the city:

In Vienna, you are not allowed to end your trip at SMATRICS charging stations. You can only make one stop at these stations and only if the car is being charged properly. If you end your trip there you run the risk of receiving a fine. See parking rules in Vienna

A charging station is a parking lot where you can leave our cars, and plug them into our charging points. Parking here is reserved exclusively for SHARE NOW users. If you plug in a car with a low battery (less than 60%), you get 4,00 € of SHARE NOW credit. Charging a car is easy and fun! Make the most of the new charging centers in Madrid:

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Atlético de Madrid itself built 4000 parking spaces around the stadium, which are however reserved for members of the red and white club. 3000 of those same parking spaces are used as a deterrent on non-event days but are not a solution if you are an occasional visitor who wonders if you will be able to leave your car in front if you get up early.

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If the Coslada issue makes you a bit lazy, you could follow the same logic we put forward in this article on how to park for free in Madrid: Assuming that lines 5 (Canillejas), 7 (Estadio Metropolitano) and 2 (Las Rosas) lead to the stadium, try parking near any metro station on those lines that is outside the M-30. The surrounding areas of Ascao, Pueblo Nuevo, Ciudad Lineal… usually have much less congestion on match days and are very good options without having to pay a penny.

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How much does a ticket to the allianz arena cost?

These are parking spaces where all vehicles with a specific time ticket can park. This can be obtained by paying through the parking meters or the specific app that the Barcelona City Council has made available to the user.

Within the comprehensive parking ordinance in Barcelona there are two parking options: the Blue Zone and the Green Zone. In the Blue Zone, which is the one that concerns us, all vehicles that have the voucher extracted by the parking meter can park for the time indicated in such document.

The purpose of the blue zone is to encourage parking rotation in areas of the city where there is a great need for parking, such as commercial areas, near hospitals or schools.

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The blue zone schedule in Barcelona coincides with the hours when there is more traffic and more need to park cars. Most of the parking time in the blue zone is from Monday to Friday, from 9:00 to 20:00, with no time interruption.

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Parking in Seville is quite complicated in any situation, but if you also visit the Ramón Sánchez Pizjuán Stadium on match days, it will be practically impossible to find a free parking space. Usually the parking in Seville is governed by the blue zone, which is present in almost all residential neighborhoods and in the downtown area. This type of regulated parking areas are intended for the mobility of vehicles, so it is only allowed to park for a short period of time and always upon payment of the corresponding ticket.

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