Can I put a caravan in my garden and rent it out?

Can I put a caravan in my garden and rent it out?

Camping on your own land

The first thing I want to do is introduce myself and say that I’m new; and if this is not in the right section, I apologize. My name is David and I’m a mechanic (if anyone has any mechanical questions I’m happy to help). I have been reading this forum for a long time but until today I have not decided to register. Well, I go with my query in case someone can help me.

But what outrages me most is that I can not even make the block fence with its facade. He tells me that I have to put temporary simple torsion mesh, and then throw it away to make the definitive one.

If you can build a house, how can you not build a caravan? That doesn’t even need authorization, as far as I know. The wooden house depends on the urban conditions of the area, but you could install one of less surface and mobile that is not considered housing in any case. Unless it is protected land for some reason.

you are going to have to read all the regulations that affect you… maybe instead of talking to the architect of the town hall, you have to talk to a local architect, who knows how the one of the town hall breathes and which things are usually allowed and which are not and who knows the regulations that affect the plot.

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It is possible to sleep in a caravan on the street.

The maximum built surface, the style, the distance to other properties or the height that the house can reach, again, depends on the legislation of the relevant administration. If we look at Castilla-La Mancha, it is possible to build a single-family home as long as the plot is at least one hectare in size and the floor plan of the house does not exceed 200 m2.

Mobile prefabricated houses are considered as “buildings”, since they are presumed to be static in space and intended to be permanent. For example, this is regulated by the urban planning regulations of Andalusia in the Reglamento de Disciplina Urbanística (Regulation of Urban Planning Discipline):

Are subject to prior municipal urban planning license…all acts of construction or building and installation and use of land, including subsoil and flight, and, in particular the following:

The CEO of developer Aedas Homes participated in the eighth IESE Real Estate meeting and explained that the residential sector still has a long way to go to become a stable sector. “If we are able to build an industry, we will avoid volatility. This means building an industry with its supply chain, starting with land, which at the moment lends itself to speculation and is something we are not interested in,” he said. Read more

What can I do with a rustic land

The evolution seems logical, if it is fashionable to share a car or a house, why not a garden? Although if we think about it carefully, more than an evolution, it is a return to the old way of camping, without professional facilities and with the trust between two people as a basis.

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Gamping (not to be confused with glamping, luxury camping) comes from the union of two words, garden and camping, and consists of camping with your tent or caravan in the garden of a private person. Of course, with gamping you can not only reserve a pitch in someone else’s house anywhere in the world, you can also earn some money by renting out your own land.

Fascinated by the experience, he thought that other travelers might be too, so he decided to launch, in order to create a platform with this new paradigm of accommodation and help as many people as possible to benefit from it.


Many places also have general bans on camping and monitor it. On the beach, you may even be asked by the coastguard and, if you are caught camping where it is not allowed, you will be bailed out up to 1500 euros. If you are not sure, ask the police or the town hall first.

There are also official parking lots for motorhomes in France. These are published in the “Guide Officiel des aires de services camping-cars” and have processing areas and water and electricity supply.    Some are free, others are not.

The “Stop Accuiel Camping Car” are also an affordable option. At these campsites you can park from six o’clock in the evening to ten o’clock at night and you can get some services for a little money.

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