Do GMB union reps get paid?

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IN VIEW OF File No. 68.004/99 of the registry of the MINISTRY OF LABOR, EMPLOYMENT AND SOCIAL SECURITY, Law No. 14.250 (t.o. 2004), Law No. 20.744 (t.o. 1976), as amended, and Law No. 25.877, and

Whereas, at pages 91/154, the Company’s Collective Bargaining Agreement and the complementary Memorandum of Understanding entered into by the SINDICATO DE LUZ Y FUERZA CAPITAL FEDERAL and the company SACME SOCIEDAD ANONIMA, pursuant to the provisions of the Collective Bargaining Law No. 14,250 (t.o. 2004), are set forth in pages 91/154.

That it is necessary to indicate that both the territorial scope and the personnel of the aforementioned agreement strictly correspond to the main activity of the signatory business entity and the representativeness of the signatory union entity, arising from its trade union status.

Pursuant to Section 245 of Law No. 20,744 (t.o. 1976), as amended, the MINISTRY OF LABOR, EMPLOYMENT AND SOCIAL SECURITY is responsible for establishing and publishing the average remunerations and the compensation ceilings applicable to the calculation of the indemnity payable to the workers in cases of unjustified termination of the employment contract.

How much do I get if I am fired from my job under the black?

Seniority indemnity (1 month’s salary for each year worked) Notice (between 1 and 2 months’ salary depending on your seniority) Indemnity for undeclared work (your salary divided by the number of months you worked undeclared)

Who has to pay for the health passbook, the employee or the employer?

In private and Social Security health centers, employers must pay for the expenses incurred.

What are the rights of an undeclared worker?

Workers who are “on the black” have the same rights as any other registered worker, and also have the right to have their employment relationship recorded in accordance with the laws in force. For this purpose, there are different tools to force their employer to comply with the law.

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The collective bargaining agreement is the agreement signed by the representatives of the workers and employers to fix the conditions of work and productivity. It may also regulate labor peace through the obligations that are agreed upon. The scope of action will be that which the parties agree and are entitled to do so.

Agreement of adhesion to the collective agreement of the Company in its centers of Tirso de Molina street, nº 40, in Cornellá de Llobregat; Castillejos street, nº 220 and Diagonal avenue, nº 333 in Barcelona / Date of Publication B.O.C.M.: 24-04-2010.

Fomento de Construccion y Contratas, S.A. AND UTE RM2 AND UTE “RECOGIDA SUR MADRID” (Collection of paper, glass, cardboard, containers, bulky containers, mobile clean points and batteries, and other waste in the Municipality of Madrid).

Fomento de Construcciones y Contratas, S.A. (Collection of paper, glass, cardboard, containers, bulky containers, mobile clean points and batteries, and other waste in the Municipality of Madrid. Avocado)

Hispanomoción, S.A. (MOSA Madrid and MOSA Norte), Ronda de Valencia, 1; Paseo de Santa María de la Cabeza, 70; Calle Ercilla, 52; Calle Sinesio Delgado, 48 and Calle Cardenal Herrera Oria, 63).

How much do I get if I am laid off in 2021?

The indemnity for dismissal without cause, as we have been saying, is the indemnity corresponding to the seniority of the employee at the time of dismissal. This will be equal to ONE MONTH of gross salary per year worked or fraction greater than three months.

How much does the health booklet cost?

The procedure to obtain the Health Booklet is free of charge and its renewal must be done every two years. This certificate is valid only for the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires.

Where is the health booklet done in Trelew?

ARTICLE 14): REGISTRY OF THE “HEALTH CARD”: The Trelew Zonal Hospital, through the respective office, shall keep a record of all the “Health Cards” issued, with the data of the person concerned and any other record considered to be of interest.

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4.1. Can I be forced to resign? No, resignation is a voluntary and unilateral act of the worker. If I do not resign, I will not be paid. What should I do if I do not resign? You should not resign but consult a professional about the actions to be taken in order to protect your rights. For this purpose, you can go to the corresponding DELEGATION and REGIONAL SUB-DELEGATION OF LABOR AND EMPLOYMENT, where, through the Free Legal Advice and Support service, the agency’s lawyers will draw up the Labor Telegrams to be sent.4.3. In the event of resignation, no severance payment is due, but rather the payment of wages for the period worked, vacations and proportional Christmas bonus.

7.3. How long does the Social Security coverage last? The Social Security covers up to 3 months after the termination of the labor relationship, and covers all the benefits of the Mandatory Medical Program (PMO).

What is unregistered work?

Unregistered work, popularly called “en negro”, occurs when the employer does not register its labor relationship with a worker or when it registers it deficiently (falsifying, for example, the date of entry or the remuneration).

What are the consequences of undeclared work?

This clandestine way that the employer has of paying the worker is severely penalized by the justice system, understanding that paying in the black greatly harms the employee in several aspects: (1) lack of social security contributions, depriving him/her of a pension; (2) not being reported to the ART, …

When do you have to be blanked?

The “white work” or the registration of your work, gives you a certain guarantee at the moment of demanding the fulfillment of all the rights that you have for working for others, because it informs the State of the existence of such relationship.

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Law 24.013, known as the “national employment law”, the employer who is duly notified to regularize the situation of an employee in the black and who does not duly register him/her, will be sanctioned with a fine in favor of the employee of one fourth of all the remunerations accrued since the beginning of his/her work. This fine functions as an incentive for the employee to demand the proper labor registration. What we must take into account is that we must give notice, while the labor relationship is in force; we can even abstain from the usual performance of the work and this will be totally valid. The whole system of lettering for the worker is FREE, and this is one of the reliable means of intimation. I recommend that the worker seek the advice of a lawyer, because we are able to guide you, to summon the employers properly and with a lawyer, you would ensure that the claims are forceful.

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It is true that due to the lack of work that our society is currently experiencing, many times the worker is almost obliged to accept the conditions imposed by the employer, which is generally informal, where no contributions are paid, and the labor law is not complied with, that is to say, in black. Similarly, it may happen that the worker is wrongly registered, for example, if the receipt shows a date of entry later than the actual date, or if the salary is lower than the one actually received by the worker.