Do nursing homes take all your money?

Place in a nursing home

On the other hand, there are those grandparents who want to leave of their own free will, because many people feel comfortable sharing with people of the same age, and they may have heard about the good services offered in nursing homes.

Regardless of why an elderly person has to go to one of these places that are dedicated to care for people who are in these conditions, everyone has to pay the residence if they want or need to live in these places. Because of this and all that has just been mentioned, we invite you to read the following ways to get money:

With the conditions that were mentioned above grandparents who meet this profile, are covered by the Law for the Promotion of Personal Autonomy and Care for People in a Situation of Dependency, in case you do not know it by this name is the same as it is colloquially named the Law of Dependency.

How do you pay for a public nursing home?

In the case of payment of nursing homes there are several options, the most popular being the Real Estate Annuity or Life Pension, the Reverse Mortgage and the Cash Annuity Insurance. All three allow residents’ pensions to be supplemented with extra income for life.

How much do you earn in a nursing home?

The average salary that a Nursing Assistant at RESIDENCIA GERIÁTRICA receives per month in Spain is approximately 1.000 €, which is 8% above the national average.

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How much is public housing paid?

One of the doubts for families and future users is how to pay for the residence. The average retirement pension in Spain is €1,129.66 and the average cost of a nursing home is €1777 per month.

What to do when an elderly person does not want to stay in the residence.

The “FUNDAZ Santa Bárbara” nursing home has places arranged with the Aragonese Institute of Social Services for valid and assisted residents as well as for day centers, within the scope of the Framework Agreement “Places in residential centers for elderly people in a situation of dependency in Aragón”.

Elena Lozano is the Director of the FUNDAZ-Santa Bárbara nursing home in Zaragoza. She is passionate about her work and for her it is essential that the professionals who care for the residents have extensive training to be able to meet all their needs, both physical and emotional.

The Foundation chose the name Santa Bárbara to give the residence a link to the Valdespartera neighborhood, taking the name of the ruined hermitage located on the hill near the facility.

Once again, the initiative is joined by the Department of Citizenship and Social Rights of the Government of Aragon, ARADE (Aragonese Association for Dependency), Henneo Group, the Aragonese Radio and Television Corporation as well as various collaborating entities that join forces to provide 200 elderly people living alone, a Epiphany meal, prepared by chefs Manel Garcia (Complejo Hostelero Aura) and Manuel Barranco, which will be delivered to their homes.

Who pays for the arranged residence?

In the case of subsidized residences, part of the nursing home price is supplemented by the State, and the bulk of the price is paid by the user or family.

How much does a public residence cost in Catalonia?

The price of nursing homes in Barcelona ranges from €1,100 in the most economical residences, to €3,200, the price of luxury nursing homes. These prices are approximate, and the average price in the Catalan capital is set at €1,830.85.

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How long does it take to grant a public residence?

A report by the Organization of Consumers and Users (OCU) shows that the average waiting time for a place in a nursing home is long: it takes around 120 days. Specifically, it takes 57 days for a private place, 163 for a subsidized one and 209 for a public one.

Monthly nursing home

The services provided by a nursing home require, in order to be correct, on the one hand a suitable place with ample adapted spaces and, on the other hand, a team of professionals (to get an idea, nursing homes usually have one full-time employee for every two or three residents). This makes it cost a lot of money to provide a proper service, and unfortunately not everyone who needs it can afford it when it is privately provided. Although there are two types:.

A private residence for the elderly in a big city, has a price ranging from approximately 1,400 to more than 2,500 Euros per month. Outside the big cities the prices can be somewhat lower, but not much more. As you would expect, this price range extends from old mini-residences in apartments to large, modern centers.

Usually the cost is borne by the elderly person, sometimes with the help of their children. But there are many cases in which not even with the family’s intervention is enough to cover the monthly payment. It is then when the administrations can intervene.

What does it take to work in a nursing home?

Requirements to work in a nursing home

Be a citizen of the European Union. Have experience in health care. A natural motivation to work with the elderly is required. Have the flexibility to combine several shifts.

How much does a nursing home director earn?

The salary of a nursing home manager is strongly influenced by the type of working conditions of the hiring company. Thus, the monthly salary can range from 1,800 euros gross to over 3,000 euros per month.

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What is the salary of a geriatric assistant?

The average salary of a geriatric auxiliary professional in Spain ranges between 11,000 and 14,000 euros per year.

The apartment in which Maria Luisa lives is her own property in Madrid, it has 96 square meters and its market value is around 200,000 euros, which she could rent for about 750 euros per month. She acquired it in 1975 with her husband, with whom she was married in community of property, for 2,500,000 pesetas (15,025.30 euros) and when her husband died in 1997, she was awarded the other half by inheritance, valued in the inheritance deed at 40,000 euros.

The quickest way for Maria Luisa to obtain liquidity is to sell the house and invest the money obtained in a liquid product, so that she can have the amounts she needs at any given moment. The aspects to take into account are: