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General information for Latinos wanting to immigrate to the United Kingdom

Hundreds of people gathered Thursday in Glasgow, Scotland, after learning that two Indian men had been detained in a raid by British immigration authorities. The crowd occupied the street, surrounded the van where they were being held and prevented it from moving.

To prevent them from being taken away, one of the protesters went so far as to place himself under the police van. He remained like this for hours until they were released amid applause. In images disseminated on social networks, the men can be seen waving and thanking the crowd.

At first, some people positioned themselves around the vehicle but more people arrived and, in the end, hundreds of people occupied the street. After hours of protests, Police Scotland announced that, “following an appropriate risk assessment”, it had decided to release the men.

3/ Both as MSP and as FM, I will be demanding assurances from the UK government that they will never again create, through their actions, such a dangerous situation. No assurances were given – and frankly no empathy shown – when I managed to speak to a junior minister earlier- Nicola Sturgeon (@NicolaSturgeon) May 13, 2021

Evangelical churches gaining ground in France

The national spokeswoman of UPyD, Rosa Díez, has expressed her wish that the Scots reject independence because in her opinion the No in the referendum is a bet for the Yes to Europe, which represents integration. “The history of Europe is the history of integration, of addition and understanding -she has said in the Congress-, and the rupture what it represents in European key is the triumph of secession. I hope that the Yes to Europe triumphs, which is the No to independence”. Rosa Díez does not anticipate the consequences of one or the other option, which will be seen in due course: “I prefer to think positively and hope and wish that the Scottish citizens vote in a European key -she insisted-. And to vote in a European key is to vote to maintain the ties of union with Europe and the United Kingdom”.

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Artur Mas will appear this Friday at 13:00 hours in the Palau de la Generalitat to analyze the results of the Scottish referendum. Hours later, he is expected to approve the Law of Consultations in the Parliament.

Social Security pensioners will receive more money | News

Some time ago we reviewed wages in the UK and we all know that the minimum wage is £6.50 an hour in the UK, but what about when we have a skilled job to match our qualifications? How much does a dentist or a computer scientist earn? What about a school teacher?

The figures are for gross annual salary, averaged across the UK for each job. Bear in mind that pay is not the same in Scotland and Liverpool as it is in London. For example, a sales clerk in Bristol who earns the minimum wage, than another who works in a luxury store in London, which can earn about £40,000.

A few days ago the ONS (British Statistical Office) published the 2014 data on average wages. In total they have taken into account the nearly 22 million workers in the UK, from which figures we have learned what is the average remuneration, which is at £27,271, or about 34,300 € gross per year.

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How John D. Rockefeller became the most sought-after person in the world.

Law is one of the most sought-after university careers, and no wonder, because this profession gives the opportunity to defend the rights of just people and to fight for a better country and a better society.

Canada is one of the best countries to practice law, since there is a wide demand for this profession. In addition, this country offers various benefits to foreign lawyers. Learn all about the Law Degree in Canada.

Law students must also take the LSAT exam, this is a test that ensures that you have an understanding of the components of Canadian law to work in this field.

In Canada, there are many Canadian law schools that allow international students to enroll. But in view of the high competition that exists those interested should strive to have a high grade point average.

Among the most recommended Canadian universities to study law are McGill University, the University of Manitoba, the University of Montreal, the University of British Columbia and Queen’s University. Students will complete their training at the School of Law, then they must take the Bar Examination, in order to obtain a license to practice law in the country.