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The return of the MUD, the officialism of the ruling party, calls for a “tubed vote” and the disqualifications of well-known politicians characterize the days prior to this Sunday’s voting in Venezuela.

The Venezuelan electoral power reinstated last June the card of the Mesa de la Unidad Democrática (MUD), popularly known as “the little hand” of the opposition. Maduro’s detractors achieved with it their greatest electoral triumph in 2015, when they won two thirds of the Parliament grouped in a single coalition. Political parties celebrated the decision unanimously.

The iconography of the candidates of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela was not characterized by the typical red color that identified Chavismo since its origin, at the end of the last century. Other colors, such as violet and blue, were incorporated to the image of the standard bearers of Maduro’s government.

“Most of these disqualifications were applied after the leaders had registered”, said the Global Observatory on Communication and Democracy in its report “Between lights and shadows, the road to 21N”.

What happens if I don’t pay for the art of healing?

“The affiliates cannot pay and therefore the judgment is issued with interest installments that they cannot pay either, so there are many defaulters and the Fund has a firm policy of prosecuting immediately, which is stopped with this law,” said the former legislator.

How to know the art of healing affiliate number?

Affiliate Number: Affiliate number composed of 5 + 2 numbers. The first 5 correspond to the identification number and the last 2 to the degree of relationship. For example: 2202200 corresponds to 22022 as identifier number and 00 appears as the affiliation holder.

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Article 2. Political parties are groupings of a permanent nature whose members agree to associate in order to participate, by lawful means, in the political life of the country, in accordance with programs and statutes freely agreed upon by them.

The political parties shall establish in their declaration of principles or in their program the commitment to always pursue their objectives through democratic methods, to abide by the manifestation of popular sovereignty and to respect the institutional and apolitical character of the National Armed Forces.

Article 5. The political parties shall guarantee in their statutes the democratic methods in their orientation and political action, as well as the opening of affiliation without discrimination of race, sex, creed or social condition; and shall assure to their affiliates the direct and representative participation in the government of the party and in the supervision of its actions.

Article 6. The political parties shall express in their constitutive act that they shall not subscribe pacts that oblige them to subordinate their actions to directives coming from foreign entities or associations.

How much does an Art of Healing 2021 retiree earn?

Today our retirees are paid around $20,000 and we are paying salaries of $130,000.

How do I know if I am affiliated to a compensation fund?

Enter “Mi Portal” at and log in with your Clave Única. In “Mi Portal” you can find relevant information regarding social security, such as medical licenses, family charges, and the Workers’ Mutual and Compensation Fund.

How to pay for Arte de curar with Santa Fe wallet?

It is now possible to pay your checkbook with Billetera Santa Fe. Please note that no discounts are applied because it is a payment for a service. You must select the “Pay for Services” option using the “Search by Company” option and then enter “Arte de Curar”.

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Who are the professionals of the Art of Healing?

The Social Security Fund for the Professionals of the Art of Healing of the Province of Santa Fe includes the professionals of the following professions related to health and that are also members of a professional association: physicians, dentists, biochemists, pharmacists, kinesiologists, occupational therapists, radiological technicians, …

How to collect disability benefits from the EPS?

The payment of incapacities, maternity or paternity leaves to DAPRE, will be made directly by the EPS, through electronic transfer to account No 61011516 of Banco de la República called DTN Reintegro Gastos de Personal, portfolio 102, in a term no longer than twenty (20) working days …

How is disability paid 2020?

Payment of work incapacities.

Although the disability is paid by the employer and is charged to the social security system, the employer settles and pays the worker according to the recognition of the EPS or the ARL. The incapacities are of common origin and of labor origin, and depending on this, they must be liquidated.

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The National Electoral Council awarded the victory in 18 out of 23 governorships to the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV), loyal to President Nicolás Maduro, as well as the iconic mayoralty of Caracas, while it did the same with three of those positions for the opposition parties.

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La Voz de América puts the magnifying glass on the data that allow to understand the evolution of Venezuelan politics after the voting, dismissed as transparent by international actors, such as the United States.

The opposition went to the regional elections with its vote dispersed among two or more candidates in more than a few states this Sunday. One of the emblematic states that could have been won by a coalition critical of Maduro was Táchira.

Two candidates opposed to chavismo, among them the governor elected in 2017 Laidy Gómez, added enough votes to comfortably defeat the pro-government candidate, Freddy Bernal, but, as they were divided, their rival won.

Sunday’s voting marked the advance of movements and parties that dissent both from Maduro and the so-called interim government of Juan Guaidó. The bloc known as Alianza Democrática, often referred to by the hard-line opposition as “alacranes”, won 37 mayoralties, while other parties critical of chavismo, among them Fuerza Vecinal, won another 21.