How do I find the value of my house?

Mexico Home Appraisal Simulator

If among your projects for this new year 2022 is the acquisition of a house, you should know that since January 1st a new indicator known as ‘Cadastre reference value’ (which is not the same as the cadastral value) has come into force, which from now on will constitute the taxable base for taxes such as the Transfer Tax and the Inheritance and Gift Tax (and will affect the calculation of the Wealth Tax).

Next we will have to indicate the purpose of our consultation (whichever we choose, the next steps to follow will not vary), the date on which we wish to consult the reference value and, of course, the cadastral reference of the property in question:

But if, in addition to knowing the reference value ourselves, we need to present it for administrative purposes, from this page we can download a PDF certificate by clicking on the corresponding buttons (Reference Value Certificate => Download PDF certification):

How much is my house worth calculator

One of the elements that immediately captures the attention of buyers in housing offers, besides the appearance, is the price of the property. But how do I know how much my home is worth? That is a question that very few homeowners can answer objectively.

It allows to know the real value of the property to establish a sale or rental price that competes in the market. This calculation takes into account the construction of the property, the land, the location, the services and the market.

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This type of appraisal determines the physical value of the properties and the buildings on them, considering the location of the property and the square meters of construction and land. Generally, it is the basis for agreeing on the property tax, but it is also a requirement to set a sale price for the property, since selling at a lower value than the cadastral value may create suspicions of simulation or evasion and may have fiscal or criminal consequences.

Also, a hypothetical calculation is made on how much it would cost to build a property similar to the one being evaluated, the unit costs of the entire construction are considered and its physical devaluation and conservation are deducted.

How to know how much my house is worth in peru

Searching similar houses on the internet is a good idea. While the housing market in Valladolid Yucatan is not as broad as to find a comparison, you can search for houses in similar areas for example:

We, as real estate agents, had to take a series of classes and trainings to be able to make valuable opinions. This is a bit of a long and tedious process, but a real estate agent should offer it to you as part of their services.

When you price your home too high, you are not only delaying the sale of the property, but you are robbing your family of the opportunity to live in a home that is ideal for their needs.  In addition, you are still paying taxes, repairs, and utilities on a house that no longer works for you.

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Asking a fair price for your home helps you move forward with your life plans: getting married, expanding your family, enjoying retirement or even settling a living inheritance for your children. Think of all those things you want to do but can’t because all your money is tied up in a house.

How to calculate the value of a house in mexico

If you are thinking of selling your house, it is very important to know how to calculate the selling price of your home before buying the “FOR SALE” ad and placing it on the facade; or quote a space in the “Avisos de Ocasión” section of the newspaper, in its printed and digital versions; or post it on your social networks.

The reality is that you can establish the price “at a guess”, and make a calculation according to your criteria; however, you have to consider two possible extreme scenarios around the sale of the property.

On the one hand, there is the urgent sale of the house to get out of an economic predicament; with the need of immediate money, there is the risk of wasting and losing the investment that represents to have a property.

To take this path with your own calculation, the first step is to make a tour of the neighborhood in search of other homes for sale; make a list of these and start requesting information,