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Taking an English course at Buckswood School is an experience that is not only limited to language classes, but to trying new activities and visiting new places. The friendships made during the junior English course at Buckswood School will be a lifetime memory. The summer campus of this course in England is a fun place, full of life, activity and energy. An exciting option for the vacations of the young students of English.

Buckswood School is located in Guestling, between the towns of Hastings and Rye. It is a typically English school, founded in 1933, in which the students of this junior English course in England will be able to know the traditions and the way of life of the English students.

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All the teaching staff is native, highly qualified and experienced in this type of English summer courses for juniors in England. The ESOL exam is included in the price for all students.

The students of this English course for young learners in England are divided into groups according to the English level tests they are given upon arrival. The grades range from beginner to advanced. At the end of the English course in Eastbourne there is a final evaluation by means of an exam and they are given a certificate of completion of the English course.

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The English course consists of 20 hours of classes per week and includes lessons called “A slice of Britain”, which consist of learning something about English culture. The classes are academic and offer an optional Trinity College Spoken English Exam. The exam is given at all levels. Classes are taught in age and language level groups and are combined with activities, so that the student is never bored (see more information about the course here).  In addition, a full program of social and cultural activities and excursions is included so that students can spend their free time doing activities in English.

Numerous activities and excursions are also organized by age group. There is a “Woodland Activity Centre” on campus, where adventure activities are held. There are also sports and cultural activities as well as excursions. There are two half-day excursions on Tuesdays and Saturdays, and two full-day excursions on Wednesdays and Sundays (see more information).

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Buckswood’s main approach is holistic, therefore we focus on each student building self-confidence, a sense of worth and purpose, and offer students great opportunities to try new challenges, visit new places, meet new people, whether it be in the sports environment, in the science labs, on a paintbrush or on a horse.

BUCKSWOOD SCHOOLSTRENGTHSAt Buckswood we have a clear educational philosophy: the Buckswood difference. As a school, our goal is to educate all students to be the best they can be; global citizens with a sense of adventure, who can discover where their skills and passions lie, and leverage them to shape future careers.