Is a spouse responsible for paying care home fees?

Is a spouse responsible for paying care home fees?

Family Code of Colombia

(Object) This Code regulates the rights of families, family relations and the rights, duties and obligations of its members, without any discrimination or distinction whatsoever.

Article 2°.- (Families and protection of the State) Families, from their plurality, are formed by natural persons who must interact in an equitable and harmonious manner, and are united by emotional and affective relationships and kinship by consanguinity, adoption, affinity or other forms, for an indefinite period of time, protected by the State, under the principles and values provided for in the Political Constitution of the State.

Article 19 (Non-applicability) In cases in which assisted reproduction techniques have been used with prior, informed and free written consent of the mother, the father or both, the challenge of filiation does not apply to those who have given their consent.

(Action to contest filiation) Filiation may be contested by the interested party or his or her representative, or by the person exercising guardianship when the filiation does not correspond to him or her or when he or she feels affected or affected by it.

Who should pay the house expenses?

The law establishes that it is the seller, being the original owner of the property involved in the transaction, who is obliged to meet all the expenses necessary to proceed with the delivery of the property.

What are my rights as a spouse?

The spouses shall contribute financially to the support of the home, to their food and to that of their children, as well as to their education under the terms established by law, without prejudice to the distribution of the burden in the form and proportion agreed upon for this purpose, according to their possibilities.

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Who pays the housing expenses in case of divorce?

“When a separation or divorce occurs, the use of the family home is attributed to one of them but it must be stipulated who pays all the expenses generated by the home, including the community of owners’ fees,” explains Judge Antonio Pérez Martín. Also the IBI and other taxes.

Family Code Mexico

EU rules on maintenance obligations vary from country to country and the amount of maintenance is not the same everywhere. However, if you have to pay or receive maintenance in another EU country, EU rules apply.

The central administration responsible for maintenance payments in the EU country where you live can help you to file a maintenance claim in another country: find the competent central administration.

Check the national information on enforcement measures, the simplified European procedure for enforcing maintenance decisions and which administration handles them in the country you are interested in.

What does Article 154 of the Civil Code say?

Any serious and incurable illness or abnormality, physical or psychological, of one of the spouses, which endangers the mental or physical health of the other spouse and makes it impossible for the marital community. … The consent of both spouses manifested before a competent judge and recognized by the latter by means of a sentence.

What does the seller of a home have to pay?

Broadly speaking, whoever sells his home must pay the capital gains tax (IRPF), the municipal capital gains tax, the cancellation of the mortgage -if there is a charge on the home- and the notary fees.

What does the seller of a second-hand home pay?

The appraisal, notary, land registry and the corresponding taxes are the main expenses to be paid.

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Separated parents who pays the rent

In case the elderly person is without mental pathology, the decision is made by him/her.    In the event that the elderly person has mental difficulties to make decisions, the relatives of the elderly person must carry out a judicial procedure called interdiction for insanity.

Personally file a writ of protection for deprivation of liberty before the Court of Appeals.    In such cases, he may be assisted by the Corporación de Asistencia Judicial or a private attorney who will draft and present the pleadings, if applicable, of the appeal regarding the facts and the violated right.

In the event that the owner or administrator of the long-stay facility, proxy, or other relative is prohibiting the visit, a writ of amparo must be filed with the Court of Appeals.

In addition to the above, a complaint must be made to the Health Seremi corresponding to the domicile of the ELEAM, since it is the respective Health Seremi that is in charge of supervising the operation of these establishments, and has the power to initiate sanitary summaries, which may result in the application of sanctions ranging from a fine to the closure of the establishment.

What is meant by spouses?

1. n. and f. A person united to another in marriage.

What is a cohabitant entitled to?

Assist each other during the cohabitation. Collaborate with household expenses. To answer for the debts that the couple has taken to pay for the needs of the home and the education of the children.

What are the rights and obligations of the couple?


The spouses are obliged to contribute, each in turn, to the ends of marriage and to support each other. Everyone has the right to decide freely, responsibly and in an informed manner on the number and spacing of his or her children.

Family Code pdf

Article 94 The reports of impediments (Article 91) shall be given in writing to the Officer of Civil Status, who shall have them added to the file with notice to the bride and groom and shall forward them to the competent Court for processing and subsequent resolution.

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CHAPTER V – SEPARATION OF BODIES AND DISSOLUTION OF MARRIAGE Article 145 Separation of bodies, dissolution and nullity of marriage proceedings shall be governed by the provisions of Article 145.

Article 157 Once the provisional separation has been ordered, the Judge, at the request of a party, shall order the drawing up of an inventory of the assets of the marriage, as well as all measures conducive to guarantee their proper administration, and may remove either of the spouses from the administration or require a bond.(*)

Article 158 All the obligations contracted by any of the spouses in charge of the conjugal partnership, as well as the alienations that are made of the goods of that partnership, will be null and void, whenever they are in contravention of the judicial orders that have been dictated and registered in the respective Registry. (*)(*)Notes: Wording given by: Law No. 19.075 of 03/05/2013 Article 7.