Is an MOT a fixed price?

Is an MOT a fixed price?

How much does the itv of a car cost

On the road we do not go alone, thousands of people circulate at our side and we have to ensure that our vehicle complies with the regulations and is not a danger to traffic. You should not think that passing the ITV is a waste of time. This inspection can save you from any mishap while driving your car. If what you do not want is to lose days to advance the ITV, you can always go the same day that meets the deadline. If you delay it, keep in mind that it can affect your safety and that of others.

In addition, the DGT now controls cars circulating without insurance and with expired ITV through license plate readers installed on the information panels on the roads, a measure justified to improve safety due to the increase in the aging of the vehicle fleet. This is possible thanks to the ITICI (telematic exchange of the Technical Inspection of Vehicles) that allows the instantaneous dumping of all the information of the vehicles that pass the ITV control, so that the Civil Guard is informed at all times. The consequences are that the Guardia Civil de Tráfico will be able to sanction you if any of its cameras detects the license plate of your car circulating with an expired ITV or with an unfavorable or negative ITV.

How much does a car’s MOT cost?

The average price of the Technical Vehicle Inspection (ITV) for gasoline passenger cars is 34.69 euros, while for diesel vehicles the rate rises to 41.68 euros.

How much does the ITV cost if it is expired?

Or will the price be the same? We will not charge you any surcharge or penalty for going to the station with an expired ITV.

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How much does the ITV of a van cost?

Both those vans that have been classified as vehicles dedicated to cargo transport at the time of registration, as well as those that have been defined as passenger cars, share the same price range that averaging between diesel and gasoline vehicles would have an average close to 45 €.

Itv when to pass it

Here you can check the official prices of the ITV in each autonomous community, however, as these do not include 21% VAT, nor the fee of 4.10 euros that you must pay for the annotation that you have in force the inspection in the General Register of Vehicles, why complicate? If a little further down you can see the final cost with everything added up.

Of course, before thinking about how much it costs to pass the ITV in each community, you must be clear that, although we are no longer in the State of Alarm, vehicle inspections must be done by appointment. That does not mean that they will not attend you if you have not called before or booked through the web, if they can, they will, but if there are many cars waiting at that time, you may make the trip in vain and that also has its cost, in gasoline and time.

How much does the second ITV cost?

You pay nothing during the first two months, but if you pass the second inspection after that the cost will be 70% of the rate. The second inspection is free, the third and subsequent inspections will cost 9’96 € if done during the first two months. Otherwise, the full fee will be paid.

How long do I have to pass the ITV once it has expired?

In order to avoid these problems, the agents will not physically remove the document but will hand over a flyer authorizing the circulation of the vehicle for a maximum period of 10 days. In the event that the owner does not pass the inspection within this period, the DGT will order the immobilization of the vehicle.

How long do I have to pass the ITV since it expires?

How long do you have to pass the ITV once it has expired? New vehicles must pass the Vehicle Technical Inspection 4 years after their registration date. From that moment on, they must pass it every 2 years until they are 10 years old.

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Price itv murcia

For diesel vehicles, Madrid is the community with the highest price, with 57.63 euros on average, followed by 53.81 euros in Ceuta, and 48.26 euros in Murcia (at private stations in the Community).

On the contrary, the cheapest prices for gasoline models are in Mallorca, with 17.01 euros; Murcia, with 22.30 euros (at the station operated by the regional government); Andalusia, with 26.19 euros, and Extremadura, with 28.96 euros. The lowest cost for diesel cars is in Extremadura, with 28.96 euros, and in Andalusia, with 30.79 euros.

In the section on motorcycles, the national average fee for passing the ITV is 20.13 euros, 2.1% more than in 2020, but in Madrid it is 36.94 euros, much higher than the other extreme, since in Mallorca it only costs 10.21 euros.

After the case of Navarra mentioned above, the second highest increase has been in Madrid, both for gasoline passenger cars (+2.2%) and for diesel passenger cars (+2.9%) and motorcycles (+1.7%). Extremadura ranked third in terms of increases, with a 1% increase in rates for all three types of vehicles.

What happens if I pass the ITV after the deadline?

If you present your vehicle after the deadline, a complete inspection of the vehicle will be carried out and the corresponding fees will be paid again. In addition, if the 2 months have elapsed and the vehicle has not passed the inspection, the ITV station will inform the Jefatura Provincial de Tráfico so that the vehicle can be deregistered.

How much does an ITV employee earn?

In turn, it depends on the company operating the station and the schedule, i.e., whether we have overtime or not. The average salary of an ITV inspector is around 18,000- 21,000 euros gross per year or an average of 1,500 euros per month.

What does it take to work in ITV?

As stipulated in the new ITV Royal Decree, workers who are going to work as mechanics must have at least a Higher Automotive Technician degree or other equivalent qualifications and must have three years of documented experience.

Itv spain price

If the deadline to pass the Technical Inspection of Vehicles (ITV) on your car or motorcycle expires or runs out, you don’t have to worry. We offer you the ITV at home and we will take care of requesting the previous appointment for you, we take the car to pass the ITV inspection without you moving from home, and we return the car where you tell us.

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Transport to the nearest ITV: We take the car or motorcycle to the nearest Technical Inspection of Vehicles. We show at the reception the necessary documentation and we are pending of the vehicle during the whole inspection process until we get the final result.

Return of the vehicle and delivery of the ITV report: After passing the Technical Vehicle Inspection, we will return the car or motorcycle together with the ITV report showing whether or not the vehicle has passed the inspection and the receipt of the previously paid fees.

Before Royal Decree 920/2017, if our ITV expired on July 1 and we passed it on June 15, the review date for the next occasion was changed to June 15. However, after the change of regulations we have 30 calendar days to review our vehicle without changing the expiration date. That is to say, if the ITV of our car expires on July 1, we will be able to take it from June 1 without changing the date of validity. If it is carried out before those 30 calendar days, the date of the next one will be brought forward to the new one.