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Bogota, January 14, 2020. Round Square Schools Network, the global platform that includes more than 200 schools in 50 countries, commissioned Harvard University’s Graduate School of Education and the research organization Research Schools International to conduct an extensive study to find out how to develop global competence in young people, i.e., the ability to understand and connect respectfully with other cultures. Volunteering, learning about different cultural perspectives, celebrating cultural diversity, discussing world events, and learning to resolve conflicts were found to be the most effective practices after assessing more than 11,000 adolescents and 1,900 teachers in 34 countries.

Ninety percent of teachers and 76% of students said that volunteering in the community made them more “globally competent.” The researchers indicated that initiatives such as volunteering at soup kitchens, refugee centers and care centers encouraged students to “be empathetic to communities and understand their needs.” Volunteering promoted students’ interest in communities with different backgrounds and had greater impact when done on a recurring basis.

Latymer foundation school

The main strategy applied by AFU is the training in audiovisual production offered to the young participants; the training processes are carried out through a methodology developed by the founders and tutors of the Unit to motivate students to be guided by the highest quality standards and to develop their ideas through a rigorous process of research and reflection, which seeks to clarify at each stage of the process the objectives and intentions of their projects.

Since its creation, the Unit has produced 26 short films, three of which have been screened at the NFT (National Film Theatre) in London and two at the British Film Festival in Dinard, France. AFU productions have also been recognized with first prize at the Oxdox International Film Festival (2005) and New Shoots Festival (2006).

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AFU teachers and tutors are currently developing the National and International Youth Film Unit, a project through which they seek to extend the methodology developed to young people around the world.

Latymer upper school alumni

Latimer Road is a London Underground station in North Kensington, in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea. It is on the Circle and Hammersmith & City lines between Wood Lane and Ladbroke Grove stations and is in Travelcard Zone 2.

Unusually, Latimer Road and the station that bears its name are not geographically close, being approximately 500 meters apart and on opposite sides of the Westway flyover (A40 road), the road being to the north and the station to the south. Prior to the construction of Westway and the elevated traffic circle linking it to West Cross Route (A3220), Latimer Road ran further south and closer to the station. The construction of the elevated road required the demolition of the central section of Latimer Road and the truncated and isolated southern end of the road was renamed part of Freston Road. Despite the renaming of the southern part of the road, the station retained its original name. The road is named after Edward Latymer, who bequeathed the land to build the road to help fund the school in Hammersmith that he founded, Latymer Upper School. Freston is the name of the ancestral village in Suffolk of the Latymer family.