Is life insurance mandatory for mortgage UK?


What is mortgage-linked life insurance?

What is mortgage-linked life insurance? A mortgage-linked life insurance policy is a life insurance policy that covers the payment of the outstanding debt with the entity. The maximum duration of this life insurance policy is the time the loan is active.

When can I remove the life insurance from the mortgage?

After the day the contract becomes effective you will have 30 calendar days to cancel the life insurance. This is because you have a period of time to review and analyze all the conditions. In these 30 days you will be able to cancel your life insurance without giving explanations, by sending a burofax.

When are you not covered by life insurance?

What assumptions and who is not covered by a Risk Life insurance? Death by suicide is one of the main exclusions included in most life insurance policies. Suffering an absolute disability can be a reason why insurers decide not to protect a person.


The aim of the new legislation is to put an end to the abusive practices of banks and protect consumers: do you remember when you had to sign a life insurance policy with them in order to get a mortgage? At IATI, your life insurance specialist, we are also very familiar with it.

We have been announcing it for some time, but now it is a reality: thanks to the new Mortgage Law, the client who takes out a mortgage is not obliged to take out a life insurance policy with the bank with which he or she signs. This puts an end to the linkage that existed between the two products, which until now was… the most normal thing in the world.

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In fact, the products linked to the mortgage were not only life insurance, but could be pension plans, financial products or anything else that the bank could think of.

In addition, if you go with others -with a specialized insurance brokerage such as IATI- they cannot “penalize” you, for example, by increasing the differential applied to the interest rate or changing any other of the credit conditions.

How is life insurance paid on a mortgage?

Payment based on the outstanding principal: the life insurance premium is reduced as the mortgage loan is amortized. The insurance is extinguished upon payment of the last monthly mortgage installment. Payment of a single premium: the total cost of the insurance is paid in full at the initial moment.

What is loan-linked life insurance?

The insurance of amortization of a loan or insurance linked to loans, are life insurance policies whose insured capital is usually decreasing and depends on the debt that you still have to pay to the financial entity. … This insurance may last for a maximum period of time during which the loan is in force.

What happens to your mortgage if you don’t have life insurance?

What happens to the mortgage if you do not have life insurance? If you do not take out life insurance on your mortgage, if you die or suffer a permanent disability, the bank will continue to demand payment of the outstanding debt.

Banco itaú

It is not mandatory to take out insurance from the bank that is giving me the mortgage. Neither now nor ever. However, it is something that has been imposed and it seems difficult to change. We explain below why it has come to this point.

So the banks started to have fewer mortgages and the ones they had were with lower interest rates, reducing profits. So, in order to find a new way, the entities no longer tried to associate a life or home insurance to your mortgage, but they started to “force” it.

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And what had started as a good friendship between the bank employee and the client, ended up turning into a fruitless discussion: One said yes, the other said no, the law says so, but what law? That my friend told me… and so many conjectures.

There are people who have never read the law, but they recite the article in question with total abandon. What is important is that in life insurance, the Policyholder has 30 days after taking out the insurance policy to cancel it without any special justification as long as he/she requests it to the Insurer.

How to unlink life insurance from the mortgage?

To do so, according to the aforementioned Insurance Contract Law, within 30 days you must inform your bank by means of a burofax that you no longer want this insurance, without further explanation, and you may request the return of the premium you have paid.

When I cancel an insurance policy, do I get my money back?

If you have decided to cancel your insurance for any reason before the end of the contract date, the most common question is: When I cancel an insurance policy, do I get my money back? Well, yes, but if you count on the return of the unearned policy.

What type of death is covered by life insurance?

With death coverage, life insurance covers death from any cause: natural death, illness, accident, etc. What is the sum insured? The sum insured is the capital sum that the beneficiaries will receive in the event of the insured’s death.


If you already have a mortgage loan, you can enroll in the INFONAVIT support program, in which the 5% contributions made by your employer are applied to the payment of your loan (principal payments), with great benefits.

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In case you lose your job, the accumulated balance in the housing subaccount is applied to the monthly payments of the loan and is interrupted when you recover your employment relationship, even though you still have a balance in the subaccount.

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