Is Panther Beach Dog Friendly?

Is Panther Beach Dog Friendly?

Lagartija tu colita | Lyn and Babas

The Huelva town of Lepe inaugurated last July 31, 2019 the canine beach of Santa Pura. A space aimed at the recreation of animals that has a large area and all the necessary equipment for the welfare of dogs and people.

The place has an area of 1,000 meters and is located between La Antilla and Punta Umbria. In addition, about 500 meters away is a well-known beach bar in the area where you can enjoy a snack to combat the high temperatures.

This new 400m long beach is equipped with a shower, a special drinking fountain for dogs, litter garbage cans and a sign with the rules of the facilities. The surface is made up of sand and sand. In the town of Benalmádena a new dog park of 3,4000 square meters is also being built, so this town is betting on being a pet friendly place.

This beach is formed by 4,000 m2 located very close to the mouth of the Velez River. The fine sand is ideal for the recreation of the dogs that, in addition, have a pipicán of 150 m2 and an area with game and circuit of agility of 250 m2. It is one of the best dog beaches in Andalusia.

Karol G – Bichota (Letra/Lyrics)

There is a parallel between the life of Bagheera and Mowgli. Both are raised far from the place where they truly belong. Bagheera is raised in captivity with humans and does not know the jungle until one day she becomes aware of who she truly is. When she discovers this, she breaks the lock and returns to her habitat, where everyone respects her because she has learned the ways of the people. Mowgli is also raised away from humans, but Bagheera understands that sooner or later Mowgli will have to return to live with them, because that is his identity. Like Bagheera, Mowgli is going to return to the village with the knowledge he has acquired in the jungle. These words of Bagheera anticipate what is going to happen to Mowgli.

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Bagheera also anticipates what is going to happen to Mowgli with the Herd when she warns him that he may be killed at the Council. Mowgli’s inevitable return to living among the people and his expulsion from the Herd point to one of the most important themes of the play: identity in relation to otherness. Mowgli, unlike Bagheera, will remain on the borderline between the world of humans and that of the jungle animals, without belonging entirely to either.

The Rabbit Invasion

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Sea Turtle Survival – Scott Gass

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