Is there a fee for an RX1?

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Multipurpose motorcycle, 150cc ideal for both paved and gravel road sections. In addition, this version comes with a set of panniers, which allows you to travel equipped and loaded to any destination.

A nice model for Touring lovers who do not reach the 250 model with a more powerful and more expensive engine. Also, since the segment is becoming more crowded in the country, one more model would generate some healthy competition that would benefit the potential buyer.

The Zongshen RX1 is imported into Chile by Derco Motos, a brand we represent, and we are subject to market prices. That is why all prices indicated in Derco Motos are official. So this site updates the prices as soon as possible.

Perfect for urban use and for the weekend getaway. It comes equipped with its respective panniers (3), which allows you to travel with more cargo from the moment you buy it. High autonomy (about 35 Km x liter at 90 kms average), easy to drive and light.

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2.2.2 Shoulder split: there are cracks between the shoulder rubber and rubber in the peripheral direction, the surface of the crack point is smooth, no trauma, with a certain slope and depth, the belt can be seen if serious.

2.4.2 Exposed cable: the steel cable in the tire cavity is partially exposed, causing some effects, including the mounting and use of the inner tube, the tightness of the tubeless tire.

3.6.4 Uneven wear: one side of the crown wears quickly (the pattern depth difference on both sides is more than 3 mm, or the residual pattern depth on the uneven wear side is less than the residual pattern depth without claims).

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3.6.8 Heel toe wear: chafer wear caused by insufficient pressure or unfit edge, the chafer is exposed if it is severe; the steel wire of the casing is cracked between the heel toe and the side wall (the bead is broken).

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We were surprised (and delighted) when Sony decided to create the RX100, their first compact camera for serious photographers, but that’s nothing compared to our surprise when they told us about the RX1. This is not only Sony’s most serious compact camera, but possibly the most serious compact camera we’ve ever seen. It features a full-frame sensor and a fixed F2 35mm lens, making it a real heavyweight in terms of lightweight photography. Sony has said it is targeting professional photographers and we see no reason to question that.

With a list price of $2800, the RX1 will be out of reach for most photography enthusiasts but, when you look at it another way, it costs less than a Leica 35mm F2 Summicron lens, even before you start thinking about buying a body to mount it on. Having a sensor matched lens and a more modern sensor are real strengths compared to digital Leicas and, of course, some people may appreciate a camera that can autofocus.

Zongshen rx1

Go further for less with Zongshen RX1 with Zongshen’s powerful 3 Generation 250cc Zongshen engine, with internal balancer, chain drive camshaft which provides the benefits of reduced motorcycle vibration, increased durability, more power and fuel economy, 5-speed transmission, sport muffler, LED directional lights, digital speedometer, USB charger, aluminum alloy wheel, front and rear disc brakes, inverted front suspension, monoshock rear which makes it very comfortable, rear trunk kit to make your adventures great.

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