What happens to unused long term care insurance?

What happens to unused long term care insurance?


Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and many diseases associated and not associated with age have triggered the need to care for our elders. For this reason, nursing homes, day centers and other organizations dedicated to the care of our first generations, have become fashionable and have multiplied throughout the country.

“Personal dependence is the functional incapacity to carry out activities of daily living and to require help to carry them out. A person is dependent because he/she cannot fend for him/herself and needs assistance from someone or something”. Source Wiquipedia.

Law 39/2006, of December 14, on the Promotion of Personal Autonomy and Care for Dependent Persons, was born in 2006 with the aim of offering economic and welfare assistance to people who need permanent care in the development of their daily activities.

The law was passed without any foresight as to what it would have to assume, and in the end the demand for aid exceeded four times the offer foreseen by the state. This has meant that benefits have been reduced and at the same time many people have been left without assistance.

When does life insurance not apply?

What events and who is not covered by a life insurance policy? Death by suicide is one of the main exclusions included in most life insurance policies. Suffering an absolute disability can be a reason why insurers decide not to protect a person.

How does long-term care insurance work?

Insurance to guarantee your quality of life

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If the beneficiary of the insurance suffers a situation of dependency, he/she obtains the payment of 100% of the contracted capital without deductibles. In addition, in case of great dependency, double the contracted capital is charged, and the indemnity can reach up to 600,000 euros.

What risks are covered by the insurance?

Personal accident insurance: covers accident risks of the insured that may cause incapacity or illness. Social insurance: covers occupational accident risks and protects workers against certain natural events such as maternity or old age.

Life insurance simulator

This insurance provides peace of mind to the insured (it financially shields his family) and can even offer additional coverage such as psychological care or online will. For this reason, it is highly recommended, although not everyone can take it out. In addition, having one does not guarantee that you will always be protected. What claims are not covered by life insurance?

If you are wondering what life insurance is, the first thing you should know is that there are two types: Life Savings and Life Risk. While the main function of the first is to allow the policyholder the possibility of obtaining profitability from his savings, the second is to cover, mainly, the death of the insured, although it can be extended with complementary guarantees. However, there are certain causes that are not covered by life insurance.

Suicide is one of the risks not covered by most life insurance policies, meaning the death of the insured when this has been caused consciously and voluntarily by the insured.

What happens if I have two health insurances?

If you obtain multiple life insurance policies, your beneficiary will collect on all of them in the event of a loss. … You must take into account that if you decide to contract several different insurance companies, the beneficiaries will have to make separate arrangements to collect the insured amounts from each one.

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When can an insurer refuse to pay?

Administrative type fault where the accident is the fault of another vehicle. The same would happen with any other administrative type fault that had no influence on the accident such as having an expired license, not having insurance or even testing positive for alcohol.

What deaths are covered by life insurance?

With death coverage, life insurance covers death from any cause: natural death, illness, accident, etc. What is the sum insured? The sum insured is the capital sum that the beneficiaries will receive in the event of the insured’s death.

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To help in this task there are tools, such as simulators or online calculators, which provide the user with all these data by simply filling in a simple questionnaire. These simulators make it possible to compare the prices of the different entities, something that is necessary to do every time a financial product is going to be contracted. If you need the advice of an expert, you can always turn to your agent, broker or bank-insurance company to guide you when taking out a contract.

Once you have opted for insurance, it is important to decide how you are going to pay for it. It is worth bearing in mind that, on occasions, payment in installments can mean an increase in the final price, so it is necessary to be well informed before signing.

What is private long-term care insurance?

What is private long-term care insurance? It is an insurance policy that allows us to obtain money or services if we ever become dependent. In other words, to ensure care for future dependency.

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What is group long-term care insurance?

When we talk about group dependency insurance, we are referring to a type of insurance in which, if the insured enters into a situation of dependency, according to the insurance company, he/she must be provided with total or partial coverage according to the conditions of the insurance company.

What do you mean by dependence?

Dependency is a permanent state in which people find themselves, who for various reasons (age, illness, disability, etc.) need the care of another person or persons or help to perform the Basic Activities of Daily Living.

Calculate life insurance

Did you know that a large percentage of Mexicans do not have life insurance to protect their assets in case of an accident? This reflects a great lack of prevention habits among citizens, who believe that this type of insurance is only of help when a person dies.

Once you know the many advantages that life insurance can offer you, you begin to ask yourself key questions such as what is the sum insured of a policy or the possibility of having more than one life insurance policy.