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As often happens in American series, its adult humor is sometimes confused with bad taste, but it seems to me that these times are the least and that the series is simply a very funny and absolutely recommendable madness.

Rick Sanchez is a genius. He is the smartest man in the world, in the universe itself… but he has certain problems with alcoholism and, in general, with everything. And while he travels the universe in all its dimensions to entertain himself, he can’t think of anything else but to take his grandson with him, who is quite a goofball. And parallel to the adventures of the main couple we will see the vicissitudes of the rest of the sad and depressing family of the protagonists to survive in the harsh American society. More or less that would be the plot of this series, which with protagonists that from the first moment remind us of the mythical Doc and Marty from “Back to the future” becomes a constant succession of homages and parodies to cinema, with science fiction and fantasy as its main objective.

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Archer season 12 received its finale during Wednesday’s episode on FXX, when the show said goodbye to its beloved character and actor. Now that the season has concluded, fans await the possibility of more and we cover whether Archer will return for season 13 or if the FXX show has come to an end.

So is Archer really over? u201cArcheru201d has been renewed for season 13 on FXX. The news comes as the adult animated comedy is airing its twelfth season. … Season 13, which will consist of eight episodes, will debut in 2022. Like Season 12, new episodes will debut on FXX and be available to stream the following day on FX on Hulu.

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Likewise, why did Netflix cancel Archer? That’s because Netflix USA lost Archer as part of Fox’s exodus from Netflix in 2018. … That means if you want to watch Archer, you’ll need Hulu in the U.S.

Was Eric Andre in Archer? His seventh The episode featured Eric Andre, who voices Colt, also known as The Professor, a scientist suffering from memory loss. When Archer and his team administer shock therapy in an attempt to regain his memories, Colt sputtered, “1 Bukit Batok Street 25, Singapore 658882.

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When it comes to long-running animated television sitcoms, most people tend to think of shows like The Simpsons, Family Man, and South Park. It’s understandable why, between them, they’ve racked up a staggering 76 seasons and counting. That’s not to say there aren’t many other great animated series however, on television, with FX’s secret agent-themed masterpiece. Archer serving as an excellent and pertinent example of this.

Sterling Malory Archer likes to think of himself as the best agent in the world, and while he certainly has the skills to back up that claim, his short attention span and overbearing ego often get in the way of his true potential. That said, he still has his moments and has racked up a lot of kills during his time in the field.

Despite Archer’s occasional misogyny, the show does an excellent job of empowering the fair sex. Several examples of strong, independent women can be found throughout the main cast, but none more so than Lana Kane. She adamantly refuses to tolerate Archer’s antics and regularly puts him in his place when he steps out of line.

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In France , the series was first broadcast from April 5, 2014and until 2016 on France 4 in the box “Reanimation” (first on Saturday night in the second part of the evening and then on Friday night in the third part of the evening) for the first three seasons and in parallel on Netflix since September 15, 2014. Since July 24, 2019Seasons 1 to 5 are rebroadcast on the Toonami channel in the Adult Swim box . In Quebec , it has been broadcast since19 June 2014Teletoon on the Teletoon block in the evening .

The action is linked to the conduct of espionage missions, the series illustrates the relationships (conflicts, machinations, manipulation, competition and sexual relationships) between characters with eccentric personalities.

When the U.S. government disbands ISIS, its former employees take note of a hidden supply of cocaine that the Agency has accumulated during previous operations. They set up a new headquarters in Cheryl Tunt’s mansion and form a drug cartel , before heading south to sell cocaine and fund their retirement. Cheryl, already extremely wealthy, instead decides to launch her career as a country singer. Along the way, the group will attract the attention of rival gangs and face many problems with their new activities.