Which is the poorest Oxford college?

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The first time I went to Oxford was a quick visit, just half a day, which allowed me to make a first approach to this charming city. But it was on a subsequent visit when I spent a couple of full days there that I really got to know it and, above all, to discover its most interesting corners.

The university spirit of Oxford has its best expression in the colleges (university residences) that are spread throughout the city center. And the most famous and most visited by tourists is Christ Church College.

But Christ Church College has nowadays an additional fame for having been the setting of the popular Harry Potter movies. In this college you can climb the majestic staircase and enter the great dining hall of the Hogwarts residence of the young apprentice wizards.

Its name may come from its resemblance to the famous bridge of the Doge’s Palace in Venice. Oxford’s covered bridge connects two buildings of Hetford College, in the most monumental area of the city.

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Cichello has always loved languages. Thanks to his various jobs and travels he learned to speak seven. He started with Italian in school and then resorted to a very particular method to take English lessons.

Esteban Cichello: I had a hen named Zulema and for me she was the goose that laid the golden eggs. Why? Because she was a very good layer. I had a neighbor whose name was Fernanda Fernandez and she had a collection of records from an English course. And I was desperate to know English. So she said to me “ok, if you bring me an egg of Zulema, I’ll let you listen to a record”. And of course, I wanted to learn. So I brought her a lot of Zulema’s eggs and I had a lot of English lessons. The more I knew, the easier it was to get better jobs.

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Surely you know that Oxford is synonymous with University, and that a visit to this beautiful city located to the north of London must have as one of the objectives to visit one of its prestigious colleges.

For a long time this residence was characterized by hosting the poorest students who went to Oxford University, which did not prevent in the Victorian era acquired prestige for having the highest academic level.

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Of course, on the other side of the garden is a large building built in the fifteenth century, which is known as the Great Hall, where large meetings of students are held and also serves as a dining room.

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Esteban cichello hübner biography

Dr. Sabina Alkire participated in the V Alcadeca Conference to share her experiences with the Multidimensional Poverty Index (MPI), a measurement methodology developed by her and researcher James Foster in 2007. The MPI seeks to present the various deprivations of the underprivileged population by showing the incidence of these limitations and their intensity.

It depends on the context. In some cases, the state has a greater responsibility for resourcing. In a multidimensional study you can look at the composition of poverty in whatever unit the survey represents. Different levels of regional and local governments may also be involved, which will provide better support to develop the programs. In other areas, the work of NGOs, communities themselves, social movements or the private sector will prevail. For them, there must be a good and clear diagnosis of poverty that allows everyone to understand the results.

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