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Creative people differ from one another in many ways, but in one respect they are unanimous: they all love what they do. It is not the hope of achieving fame or wealth that drives them; instead, it is the opportunity to do the work they enjoy doing that guides them. We must assume that it is not what they do that counts, but how they do it.

Creativity is linked to happiness, because it not only provides tools to improve or transform one’s daily life, but also the power to build oneself. Creativity unleashes the inner strength that is in every human being.

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Carlos de la Vega, president of the Argentine Chamber of Commerce, expressed that the members of the entity are pleased with the creation of the same, since it constitutes an adequate framework for the integration and complementation with the training activities that the CAC has been carrying out and, consequently, for the enhancement of the postgraduate and extension programs offered by the university.

Juan José Gilli, director of the CAC-Caece School of Management and Direction, referred to the objectives and areas of competence of the proposal he directs, which encompasses undergraduate, graduate and extension activities. In this sense, postgraduate activities will take the form of diploma courses or specialization courses in relation to undergraduate disciplines, and in accordance with needs and areas of vacancy in the university environment.

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In turn, the Director of Educational Projects of the new school, Angélica Cachanosky, referred to the launching of the Trade and Services Index (ICS), created with the aim of presenting a leading index of the Argentine Chamber of Commerce that anticipates the level of activity in the Trade and Services sector, under the academic auspices of Caece University.

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The Consell de l’Audiovisual de Catalunya (CAC) has published the rules of the annual contest “The CAC at School” which aims to recognize the experiences that contribute to education in audiovisual communication with the conviction that forming a critical and active citizenship in their relationship with the screens and audiovisual languages is of vital importance in a world in which the emergence of new forms of audiovisual communication has radically transformed the media landscape and new ways of accessing knowledge.

The awards, which are financially endowed, are divided into two categories: category A is aimed at students in educational centers, from kindergarten to secondary school; and category B is aimed at teachers in these centers and special education centers.

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Diploma in neonatal care managementContribute to the training of specialized professionals with knowledge, skills, attitudes and values with critical, innovative and proactive capacity in neonatal care to implement a comprehensive care plan through the assessment and identification of the needs of the newborn to integrate the newborn to their normal growth and development and improve their quality of life.Responsibilities of the Health and Malpractice professional.

and identification of the newborn’s needs to integrate the neonate to its normal growth and development, as well as to improve its quality of life.Responsibilities of the Health and Malpractice ProfessionalTo provide the participant with the competencies that will allow him/her to recognize his/her rights, identify his/her obligations and analyze the responsibilities derived from his/her professional practice with the purpose of exercising his/her discipline complying with the

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