Are growth and income funds safe?


It is an investment alternative to make your savings grow, which consists of gathering the resources (money) of different people, natural or legal, to invest them in different financial instruments.

Investment Funds are managed by companies specially formed for this purpose, called Investment Fund Management Companies (SAFIs), whose objective is to collect the savings of anyone who has the availability to save, and invest it in different investment alternatives, in order to achieve the highest yield with the lowest possible variability (risk).

The total assets of an Investment Fund are divided into equal parts called Participation Quotas. These have a value, called Quota Value, which changes daily and reflects the yield obtained by the Fund.

For example, if a person invests Bs 1,000 in a Fund whose Quota Value that day is Bs 100, he will acquire 10 Participation Shares of such Fund. Assuming that after a few months the yield of the Fund would have been 10%, the Quota Value will have increased by the same percentage, going from Bs 100 to Bs 110. Thus, the participant will still have 10 Quotas, but each one of them will now be worth Bs 110, so that the total invested money will have increased from Bs 1,000 to Bs 1,100, generating a gross profit of Bs 100 (not including taxes).

How good are mutual funds?

Some of the main benefits of investing in funds are the following: … – Lower cost of entry to the stock market: Individuals can start their investment from relatively low amounts compared to resources invested directly in different instruments.

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How safe are index funds?

Disadvantages or risks of indexed funds

The rise and fall: by replicating the behavior of the index, it implies that when the index rises, the fund and its performance will rise in the same proportion, but if the index falls, the fund and its performance will also be affected by the fall. Keep an eye on this!

What are the risks of an investment fund?

These are: volatility, duration and the fund’s investment policy. Volatility: this concept refers to the historical variations experienced by an asset’s net asset value or, in other words, how much it deviates from its historical average.

Best mutual funds mexico 2021

Most fund categories have achieved positive returns. Only fixed-income and guaranteed funds had a slight depreciation (0.16%). On the other hand, domestic stock market funds returned 9.25%, international equity funds 21.14% and mixed fixed income funds 2.3%.

These collective investment vehicles accumulated assets of 315 billion euros, which is 40.457 billion euros more than at the end of 2020. More than half of this growth has come through new money raised, amounting to nearly 24,000 million euros.

How much money can be earned with a mutual fund?

The Investment Fund has a yield of 5.60% tax-free. In a time deposit the rate is 6%, this rate is gross and fixed term, without access to your resources during the term of the contracted period, the net rate is 5.54 percent.

How much do you earn in a mutual fund?

These vary according to the different types of funds, but are between 1% and 2.5% per annum, paid daily as a percentage of the fund’s total assets. Most of them do not charge subscription or redemption fees.

What is the return on a mutual fund?

The performance of a mutual fund is obtained as the difference in the net asset value of its units between one period and the following period. This result (which can be positive or negative) is expressed as a percentage change for better understanding.

Investment funds

For Pimco, the bet on the U.S. stock market is clear. It overweights it against a much more cautious view on Europe, which is affected by “an unfavorable sector composition, energy price pressures and growing pandemic concerns over the winter”.

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Fidelity is confident that developed market stock markets will do better again in 2022 than emerging markets, thanks to higher vaccination rates and less restrictive monetary policies. And it highlights the strength of the US stock market, especially in

The strength of the US stock market, especially in volatile situations, is due to its defensive nature, its favorable monetary and fiscal policy and the strength of its corporate earnings. In fact, the technology sector, the star of Wall Street, has been the great refuge and the big bet of stock market investors during the pandemic. Europe, on the other hand, has a more cyclical profile, with fewer growth stocks, which makes it more attractive in an environment of rising interest rates and recovery in the face of the accumulated rally in the US. However, the benefits of this potential are now being called into question by the rise in contagion and restrictions.

What is the best index fund?

Vanguard US500 Stock Index

This stock index is composed of 500 large-cap assets, and is one of the best known in the world. The replication of this index fund is quite faithful to the performance of the index itself, offering very similar returns: Last year’s performance: 22.16%.

What is an investment fund and why does this investment involve risk?

An investment fund

An investment fund is an investment alternative managed by experts, which with the money received from investors, forms an investment portfolio composed of different securities (cetes, bonds, stocks, etc.) with the objective of generating attractive returns based on the horizon and objectives of the fund….

A mutual fund is a Collective Investment Institution (CII), i.e., it is a savings instrument that brings together the contributions made by a number of people (the participants) who want to invest their savings. … This helps you to diversify your investments in an easier and more efficient way.


Investment funds are one of the most popular strategies among the population to obtain profitability. In order to make good use of them, it is important to know what these products consist of, how many types there are and which ones are best suited to each investor.

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An investment fund is a financial instrument that concentrates the various contributions made by a group of people who have decided to invest a certain amount of money. It is, therefore, a Collective Investment Scheme (CIS) that is constituted as a result of all the contributions made by the investors. The total of all these contributions is invested in different financial instruments of different types such as, for example, derivatives or fixed income securities, or shares, a type of product about which you can learn more in this Finance for Mortals content.

And what can we get from investing in mutual funds? By betting on this instrument, the investor has access to markets that would be very difficult to access individually. In addition, funds help diversify investments. At the same time, by opting for them, savings are in the hands of professionals who manage investments and analyze market opportunities in order to find the best options and know when it is most profitable.