Did Scottish pirates wear kilts?

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Clothing is a basic need for human beings, to protect themselves from the cold and inclement weather. During his evolution, human beings gradually lost their fur, which had to be replaced with the skins of other animals or, later, with wool or vegetable products such as linen and cotton. However, starting from this first need, over time the dress acquired an aesthetic character, as it reflected the taste and character of the wearer, and became an additional adornment of the person, subject to the canons of fashion and the artistic evolution of each civilization. Likewise, climatic and geographic factors intervene in clothing, as well as social factors -dress as a reflection of a certain social position-, moral, religious or sexist factors -dress has often served as an object of sexual differentiation-.[4] The development of the various techniques for the manufacture of clothing has also had a significant impact on the way it is used.

Following the development of the various techniques for making garments, the various types of clothing emerged: the simplest seems to have been a cloth wrapped around the waist in the form of a skirt. The next step was probably a cloth that covered the shoulders, fastened with a fibula. These cloths were draped, i.e., wrapped around the body without being adapted to the physiognomy of the body, which was the main type of clothing until Roman times. In contrast, the nomadic peoples of the Asian steppes, who lived in colder climates, were the ones who developed the garments most adapted to the body, with sleeves on the upper garments and pants to cover the two legs separately, a garment that facilitated horseback riding, something indispensable for these peoples who traveled long distances on their horses.[15]

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Did scottish pirates wear kilts? online

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Did scottish pirates wear kilts? en línea

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Did scottish pirates wear kilts? del momento

And, of course, it’s not just the hats – they have kilt! Kilts are traditional Scottish Gaelic clothing. They usually have pleats in the back and have a specialty plaid (called a tartan) of the family/clan/group they are with. Tartans vary in color and pattern (Scots Guardsmen wear the royal Stewart plaid of red and green). And that pouch on the front? That’s a sporran. Kilt wearers need it because traditional kilt skirts don’t have pockets – plus, wearing underwear underneath is totally optional! … but we’ll leave that up to you.