How much money does Texas rent relief have left?


Tenants in the 88 counties served by HOPE who are experiencing financial hardship are encouraged to apply by visiting the website or by calling 1-888- 927-5467 (1 888 9ASK-HOPE) by Friday, December 17.

In addition to the HOPE program, 12 counties and five Native American tribes have received direct federal funding to operate their own emergency rental assistance programs.

Landlords whose tenants are having difficulty paying their rent due to the pandemic can also submit names and contact information through the HOPE Program website or by contacting the HOPE Call Center at 1-888- 927-5467 (1 888-9ASK-HOPE).

Funding for the HOPE Program is provided to the state through allocations from the U.S. Department of the Treasury’s Coronavirus Economic Relief Fund, the Coronavirus Economic Relief Fund, and allocations from the Emergency Rental Assistance Program.

Help paying rent in dallas tx 2021

If you or a loved one has a behavioral health disability and are trying to move out of a restrictive environment, such as an adult care home, in order to live more independently, you may be eligible for assistance under the Transitions to Community Living Initiative. This program is administered by the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services and, in conjunction with the state’s network of mental health management organizations, offers the Transitions to Community Living voucher for housing assistance. To find out if you are eligible, contact a local management entity or local managed care organization.

Help Paying Rent 2021

Texas law gives you the right to review the landlord’s written tenant selection criteria before you pay any money so that you will know if your application is likely to be rejected. The landlord will give you a notice that the screening criteria is available for your review and this must state the reason your application might be rejected.

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“Signing this acknowledgement indicates that you have had an opportunity to review the landlord’s tenant selection criteria. The landlord’s screening criteria may include factors such as criminal history, credit history, income

criminal history, credit history, current income, and rental history. If you do not meet the screening criteria or if you provide inaccurate or incomplete information, your application may be rejected and your application fee will not be refunded.”

Ask the landlord to allow you to review the selection criteria before signing the acknowledgement. If you do not meet the screening criteria (for example, applicants who have a felony conviction or those with low credit ratings do not qualify under the screening criteria) then you can save the expense of an application fee and background check because you know in advance that your application is likely to be rejected.


The federal ERA program allows local programs to help with moving expenses, security deposits, rental applications or screening fees. Check with your local program to find out if they use this flexibility.

The Federal ERA program allows local programs to cover up to 18 months of rent, including back rent, through March 13, 2020, if the money is available.If you have back rent, the money must first go toward the rent you owe. Local programs may be able to help you with future rent. In addition, you may be able to get help paying future rent, up to 3 months at a time. But this depends on your local program.Ask your local program about the total amount of assistance available to you.

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You do not have to be behind on your rent to receive assistance. Some programs offer assistance for future rent. However, if you have fallen behind on your rent, the money you receive must go toward the rent you owe before you can use it for future rent.