What is a good salary for a married couple?

My money, your money, our money: how to resolve money conflicts in a couple’s life

Do I need a contract, can I come without knowing German, do I have to have a lot of money to start, do I go alone or do I go with my whole family? Here we explain some aspects of starting a new life in Germany.

The problem must be big enough for Angela Merkel to call a “summit” at the Chancellery. The shortage of skilled workers is becoming more and more pressing. A law should help. From Berlin, Sabine Kinkartz. (17.12.2019)

Latin America has had the luxury of living off its natural resources, but the model has social and environmental consequences, and will not hold up forever. Two German universities propose to revise it.

How to divide money in marriage?

It is important that you both decide how all of these expenses will be divided. Many couples divide their expenses equally; in other couples, the person who earns more is the one who contributes more money; and in some others, only one person is responsible for all the expenses.

How much money should be saved for emergencies?

It is recommended that the emergency fund should be equivalent to four (4) months of our monthly living expenses. This means that we can live for at least four months without income.

What is the 50 30 20 Rule?


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A division should be made of your income – regardless of whether it is daily, weekly, biweekly or monthly – which should be distributed in specific percentages: basic needs (50%), ‘whims’ and ‘leisure’ (30%) and 20% to save or invest.

How to help my husband with household expenses

Now we are going to focus on those important expenses such as the cost of rent, transportation and some extras that may arise during your stay. To elaborate this article we took as a reference the cost of living in Madrid and Barcelona, so if you plan to settle in another city this info may have some variation.

For those who have just arrived in the country, the hostel is an excellent and economical option. In addition, it will give them enough time to look for a permanent accommodation while they make friends and get to know the city. Per night you could spend around EUR 30 (USD 34).

Suggestion: please include information about the cost for a family of 3 or four people, how much is paid for water, electricity, gas, Internet and rent in Madrid or in the surroundings of Madrid, for apartments of 120 mt2 or more. Thank you

Hi, do you think it is possible for a single person not to share an apartment, even if it is a studio apartment, earning about the minimum 1050 euros? in a not very expensive or central area of Barcelona or the suburbs? (without saving, just to make ends meet) Thank you.

What is the recommended minimum percentage of income to save each month?

How much of your salary should you save? As mentioned, this is not a fixed rule for everyone; some experts recommend allocating at least 10% of income to savings.

How to save money 50 30 20?

Regarding the method, we will say that it consists of making a division of your income, regardless of whether it is weekly, biweekly or monthly. This money should be distributed in these percentages: basic needs (50%), ‘whims’ and leisure (30%) and the last 20% to save or invest.

How much money should you have saved at age 50?

Using Green’s same procedure, at age 50, someone should have saved the equivalent of 5 times their annual salary. In essence, if your annual salary is €20,000, you should have €100,000 saved by the time you have reached that age.

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Finances in marriage when both partners work

Keep in mind that while you probably don’t want to buy a ring too cheaply, you also don’t want to start out with debt on your shoulders, especially since you’ll need funds for other things like a down payment on an apartment or household goods.

There are many ways to find the ideal engagement ring without having to shell out three months of what you earn. For example, consider the following scenarios, which seems the least significant to you:

However, the world has changed and today women are independent, have a job of their own and contribute to the upkeep of the household. A woman today does not need to be shown that she can be supported because she can support herself. What she does need is to be shown sincere love.

How much money should you have saved at the age of 30?

-With 20 years the worker must have saved 25% of his current annual salary. -With 30 years of age, the worker must have saved 100% of his current annual salary. -At 35 years of age, the worker must have saved twice his current annual salary.

How much money do people have in the bank on average?

How much money the average person has in Spain

On the other hand, according to a 2017 study by the Bank of Spain (BdE), the average net wealth stood at €253,000 and the median at €115,100.

How much money do I need to have saved to buy a house in 2021?

Experts agree that the buyer must have saved at least 35% of the total cost of the operation, including the aforementioned expenses. In addition, it is recommended that the money destined to pay the mortgage payment should not exceed 30% of the monthly income.

Who should manage the money in a marriage according to the bible

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