What is Managed income?


For the investigation, prosecution and repression of smuggling and other crimes related to organized crime, drug trafficking or money laundering, there is an armed police force, the Customs Surveillance Service (Servicio de Vigilancia Aduanera).

The President of the AEAT has the rank of Secretary of State and is the Secretary of State for Finance, or the person appointed by the Government at the proposal of the Minister of Finance.

The AEAT has always been a pioneer in the use of new technologies and, especially, the Internet, allowing taxpayers, whether individuals or legal entities, to pay taxes, make queries, etc. through this medium.

At the territorial level, the Agency is structured in 17 special delegations (corresponding to the 17 existing Autonomous Communities) on which 39 delegations depend, which in turn comprise 195 administrations and 31 customs and excise administrations. With competences throughout the national territory, there are

What is homogeneous income?


Gross realized revenue adjusted for all those factors, other than the variation in bases and rates, that distort the evolution of the series and make it difficult to monitor.

What is the meaning of the acronym AEAT?

The State Agency of Tax Administration (AEAT) of Spain is a public law entity of the General State Administration in charge of managing the state tax and customs system, as well as the resources of other national or European Union Public Administrations and Entities, whose management is entrusted to the …

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What taxes does the Treasury collect?

The most important is the personal income tax, which is levied on income (i.e., the income obtained by a citizen in a year). Other direct taxes are the wealth tax, which is the wealth that a citizen owns; the corporate income tax, which is levied on companies; and the inheritance and gift tax.

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This tax is levied on paid transfers of goods and rights that make up the assets of individuals and legal entities and the constitution of loans, guarantees, etc.; for example, those associated with the purchase and sale of a second-hand apartment.

Inheritance tax is levied on the transfer of goods and rights due to the death of a person. Its liquidation must be presented, within the six months following the death, in the Autonomous Community where the deceased had his habitual residence at the date of accrual of the tax.

Who has the authority to manage the funds collected via taxes?

Well, there is an organization in the State that is in charge of all this: it is the Tax Agency, which depends on the Ministry of Finance and Public Administrations. Its acronym is: AEAT which stands for Agencia Estatal de Administración Tributaria.

What is a progressive tax?

The typical progressive tax is the IRPF or income tax return. As with indirect and direct taxes, VAT and personal income tax repeat as examples of regressive and progressive taxes.

What are progressive and regressive taxes?

A tax is either progressive or regressive. A progressive tax is one in which the tax burden is higher the greater your contributive capacity. A regressive tax is one in which the tax burden is higher the less you earn.

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Given the regressivity of the crisis and the precarious situation in which many companies will be left, one option would be to increase the rates on capital income in those cases where this tax is semi-dualized, i.e. on “passive” capital income (dividends, interest, royalties, capital gains, etc.). In addition, increasing the rates on returns to capital in the semi-dualized tax would incentivize reinvestment in the entrepreneurial circuit.

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Finally, the current context seems to be a good time to review the rationality of incentive schemes, which should also contribute to the emergency, and to avoid internal transfer prices whereby profits are artificially transferred to subsidized areas through inter-company transactions. For example, the “rule of proportion” could be applied whereby sales to the domestic market of a company in free zones are deducted in the taxable base of the buyer proportionally to the ratio of statutory rates between that of the bonus seller and that of the buyer.

What is an AEAT lien?

When a debtor does not make payment of a debt in the voluntary period, nor during the period granted with the notification of the enforcement order received (terms of article 62.5 LGT), which already incorporates the corresponding surcharge, the seizure phase will begin.

What is the regional collection unit?

The Regional Collection Units constitute the basic structure to develop collection management and to carry out coordinated actions with other bodies to achieve an efficient collection management of the debts that may arise from the actions carried out or to be carried out by those bodies.

What is AEAT embargoes?

The seizure proceedings are a measure carried out by the Tax Agency against a person (whether a businessman or not) or company that is not up to date with its payments to this Administration.

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Consolidated budgets are those that group and give an overall or grouped view of the income and expenses managed by the City Council and its entities. For the formulation of the consolidated budget, the income and expenses of the City Council and the entities of the corresponding perimeter (aggregate budget) are homogenized and grouped together, and subsequently the internal transfers (between the City Council and the entities) are eliminated from the calculation to obtain the income and expenses in consolidated terms. According to the current regulations, there are different consolidation perimeters (i.e. criteria to determine which entities are part of the consolidated budget).

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