What is portable rent supplement?

Portable Battery Oxygen Concentrator

Portable Oxygen Concentrators are electrical equipment, usually pulsed flow, capable of filtering the ambient air providing the patient with oxygen-enriched air. There are some models that work with continuous flow such as the Philips Respironics SimplyGo.

The Portable Oxygen Concentrator is used by prescription in patients requiring oxygen supplementation. It can be used at home, in hospitals, temporarily on trips or outside the home during daily outings.

They have an autonomy ranging from three to eight hours (depending on the model), thus providing great flexibility to enjoy the desired activities, even outside the home.

Portable oxygen concentrator philips price

If you want to rent a car outside the European Union you will need an international driving license. In addition, if you want to rent a car in a country that does not have an official western script, you will probably need to present a translation of your license from a recognized and validated authority for this purpose.

The sooner the better: as with airline tickets or travel deals, the best deals are the first to run out. In very touristy places and in high season, it is even common to run out of stock.

Rental companies have different fuel policies, i.e. the levels at which you receive and return the fuel tank at the end of the rental. Keep this in mind when comparing different offers.

In any case, before contracting the insurance, find out what the coverage is and if it is an insurance with excess or not (if it is with excess surely the insurance will be cheaper but you will have to assume a part of the cost in case of loss or theft).

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Domiciliary oxygen rental

Is it possible to reserve a site? No, we only accept reservations for the bungalows. If you wish, you can call us at 952 53 00 06 to check availability. Normally we have free sites for tents or caravans so it is not necessary to make a reservation.

Can you unload tents, luggage or caravans with cars without paying or declaring these? No, for security reasons vehicles are not allowed inside the campsite without the subsequent declaration and payment of the corresponding amount.

Is it possible to rent coolers? No, the campsite does not have a cooler rental service. However, we can provide you with contacts of companies that do rent refrigerators in the area, although the client has to go to pick them up.

How many cars are included in the price? One vehicle is always included in the price, in case you want to include more than one, you will have to pay a supplement, but not before checking that the occupancy of the campsite allows it. Generally it is possible except in August.

Oxygen concentrator rental price

Tents with 10, 12, 15 and 20 meter porticoes without pillars form a wide range of solutions. These demountable canopies are made of large aluminum profiles.  The nodes and bracing cables are made of steel. The covers are made of textile composite (canvas) with polyester core and PVC coatingThe perimeter enclosure can be made of canvas or metal: steel profile, sandwich panel or aluminum carpentry.modular removable pavilions, characterized by the succession of parallel frames, which allows, from a fixed frame width, an unlimited length. These aluminum tents have been calculated for a mechanical wind resistance of 100 km/hour if the ridge height is less than 8 meters, and of 130 km/hour:

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