What is Vanguards most conservative fund?

What is Vanguards most conservative fund?

US index funds

Good morning, Borja: REITs (Real Estate Investment Trusts) are an asset class that certainly have a place in some portfolios, but there are a number of characteristics that, on balance, we have considered that REITs would not enhance our indexed portfolios. However, there are a number of characteristics that make that, on balance, we have considered that REITs would not improve our indexed portfolios. https://myinvestor.es/blog/es-interesante-incluir-reit-en-una-cartera-diversificada/En In any case, if you are interested in this product, in MyInvestor we have some alternatives that may interest you as the Amundi IS FTSE EPRA NAREIT Global or iShares Developed Real Estate Index, Thank you very much for your question. Ignasi

5.  Good morning: What portfolio of moderate index funds, with little equity in each fund, do you recommend? For how much profitability we move and how many falls in such a portfolio? Thank you very much

7.  Good morning : I would like to divide the portfolio into two parts: 1.- index funds or etf with low commissions, with low volatility and that exceed the deposits that I have now at 0.80 and 0.75. I do not want to take risk in this part of the portfolio, because otherwise the money will remain in deposits. 2.- indexed funds or etf, with low commissions and low volatility, that generate periodic income, but not from selling shares, but from the collection of coupons or dividends. Thank you very much

Example of an index fund

For this reason, since investments, even the less risky ones, are not for all savers, there are low-risk products focused on savings, which make it possible to obtain a certain return without experiencing direct losses.

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One of the alternatives available to savers to generate returns on their savings without going to the financial markets are interest-bearing accounts. However, at present and due to the low interest rates, this type of product offers very low returns and those entities that still reward savers demand different requirements to be able to benefit from the remuneration.

Another option available to savers who want to take advantage of the money in the bank are deposits, although in these cases it is advisable to analyze very well what is the profitability agreed with the bank and the term for which the deposited savings must be kept in order not to lose money with inflation.

In this article you can see which are some of the best deposits of the moment. In addition, if you want to see what is the current offer in the market, analyze the products and compare them, you can do it in our deposits showcase.


To further complicate this scenario, prices have started to rebound with the economic recovery. So where to invest now to build a conservative portfolio that can beat inflation without taking too much risk?

The US fund manager BlackRock recommends playing this barbell strategy by incorporating some stock market risk in the most conservative profiles. A decade ago it was unthinkable for a very cautious client to have a part of his funds in equities, but the models suggest that this is one of the best formulas for achieving some return, with very controlled volatility. In Myinvestor’s Classic portfolio there is also 13% invested in stock market funds.

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Annual performance of index funds

On March 31, two of our investment and fund selection experts, David Sánchez and Francisco Javier Velasco, held a digital meeting with the readers of Expansión.com, which we include in this post.

Javier responds: Good morning Antonio, it is true that some Asian countries have taken measures before some developed countries in the coronavirus crisis and therefore some Asian markets such as China have shown a better performance in their markets. However we think that once the pandemic problem is solved all markets should return to normal, so we think that investing through a global vehicle is the best alternative as it provides diversification. In this regard I leave you a name such as the iShares MSCI China A UCITS ETF as an investment idea in China and our global asset preference the Vanguard Global Stock Index Fund and the iShares Developed World Index Fund. In any case and with a view to the long term, we think that after the falls experienced in the markets we think it is a good time to start taking positions and investing.

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