Where are Hayward filters made?

Where are Hayward filters made?

Hayward Repair

The manufacturers of accessories for water treatment and maintenance, imitate this process of nature with sand filters. Consisting of a tank filled with sand with a grain size of 0.8 to 1.2 mm.

This filtration method allows the most efficient and cost-effective maintenance for your pool water. Offering the best water quality free of dirt particles such as insects, leaves and other particles.

There are different filtering agents to load the sand filters for swimming pools; Flint sand, active filtering glass or Hydroanthracite. All of them able to offer an excellent filtration of the water of your swimming pool.

All this system is governed from a technical room where the water purification system (filter, pump) is installed. As well as other mechanisms of control or disinfection, which allow you to obtain the best quality of water for your pool.

The correct operation of this system requires periods of 4 hours of water circulation and purification per day. To know what filter your pool needs, it is necessary to know the volume of water you have;

Hayward distributors

In our online catalog you can find all kinds of filters for swimming pools: sand filters for swimming pools, cartridge filters for swimming pools, diatomaceous earth filters for swimming pools and many more types, all at the cheapest prices and with maximum reliability in efficiency and quality.

In Tienda Piscina we have the best filters for water purifier of the market. They are high performance filters made of high quality materials such as polyester. This type of devices are used to incorporate a higher quality filtering. Take a look at our store to all the models we sell and if you have any questions please contact us and we will help you to solve it.

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The filtration of water in a swimming pool is vital if we want to maintain the quality of the water without bacteria and dirt. Pool filters are the main mechanism of water purification and cleaning.

The basic operation of a pool filtering starts with the operation of an electric motor in charge of sucking the water from the bottom of the pool through a sump to the surface with the skimmers. When the water is inside the tank, it is physically treated for filtering, retaining the impurities.

Hayward peru

For the Hayward group, the European market was, and remains, a major axis in its growth and development strategy. That is why, in 2016, it acquired the companies that make up the Kripsol group (specialized in the manufacture of pumps and filters) and Sugar Valley, a specialist in smart water treatment solutions. Both highly developed both domestically and in the export market.

The changes that have taken place are of various kinds – legal and financial unification, implementation and improvement of IT systems, consolidation of the four brands that make up our commercial offer… – but, above all, where there has been a major revolution has been in the industrial area. From 2016 onwards we have standardized our processes, automated production lines and implemented a quality process with the aim of reducing incidents and offering reliable and durable products. This has allowed us to improve and expand our productivity to almost double what we had been doing.

Hayward spare parts

We offer you the highest quality in filtration, motor pumps, heating, recessed, lighting, automation, hydromassage, maintenance, fountains and waterfalls, security, steam and saunas, PVC piping and connections and pool chemicals.

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Gas heating equipment, heat pumps, solar heaters, are the different options we have for heating residential pools. With the support of prestigious brands that are committed to produce quality, efficient and environmentally friendly equipment.

We have the most complete line of built-in accessories for swimming pools. Bottom drains, skimmers, suction and return nozzles, ladders, diving boards, counter-current swimming equipment. Options of different brands and prices to meet the needs of all types of pools.

We put at your disposal the best automation equipment for swimming pools. From simple clocks to program operation periods of the filter motor pump to controls that allow you to operate all the pool equipment from a board that can be fixed or wireless. For water purification, we have automatic chlorination systems, salt-based chlorination systems and ozone purification systems. For pool cleaning, we offer self-cleaning systems and automatic vacuum cleaners.

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