Where can I find affordable housing in Florida?

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In an effort to support the area’s affordable housing initiatives, Orange County Mayor Teresa Jacobs participated in the ribbon-cutting ceremony for Goldenrod Pointe Apartments, a 70-unit affordable housing complex located south of University Boulevard in Winter Park.

The complex has 20 percent of the units reserved for very low-income families and homeless individuals ready to re-enter the housing market. As tenant income increases, the rent will be adjusted and the special units will be released for other very low-income and homeless families to inhabit. The 14 set-aside units will have the standard rental housing hurdles removed, including application fees, deposits, credit assessments, etc. Referrals for the units come from in-network providers.

Orange County Government allocated a total of $2 million for the project. The County allocated $1 million of INVEST funds along with $1 million of State Housing Initiatives Program (SHIP) funds to this project. Orange County partnered with private sector developers, Atlantic Housing Partners and Southern Affordable Development, for the project.

Free government housing

This would be the second time the state of Florida has received funding from the federal government for its “Our Florida” program, which aims to help Floridians recover economically and achieve economic self-sufficiency once again. This program has not only helped low-income Floridians, but has also created new employment opportunities.

The state of Florida has just received its second round of funding from the federal government for its “Our Florida” emergency rental assistance program. The amount this round was $740 million.

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Help paying rent for covid-19

BOLD Justice has also helped landlords renegotiate their mortgages, and rectified errors that had caused unemployment benefits to be cancelled. Soon, the group will look at improving elementary school reading programs, citing the correlation between low reading levels, high school dropout rates and future poverty.

Andy Lee, lead organizer of BOLD Justice, said, “The CCHD grants have allowed us to maintain and expand our staff and train up to 2,000 people. Without CCHD, we would not have been able to achieve any of our goals.”

How can I apply for a low-income apartment?

Government officials break ground on an affordable housing project in Overtown in 2015. From left to right: Matthew Rieger, President of the Housing Trust Group; Miami Commissioner Keon Hardemon; Miami-Dade Commissioner Audrey Edmonson; Alonzo Mourning; Randy Rieger; and Clarence Woods, Executive Director of the Miami Community Redevelopment Agency.Photo: WALTER MICHOT (Miami Herald) City of Miami

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